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7 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Your house is your kingdom, make it shine with beauty. Nothing beats having a good time with your family and enjoying a clean house together, it makes them appreciate you as well.

Cleaning is never on our favorite to-do list, it is always a hard, tiring and energy-consuming process. It might sound like a huge duty, but you can easily learn how to make the best of a bad situation.

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home cleaningA few tips can definitely transform the cleaning process; make it less time consuming and a lot easier than the usual routine.

There are no magical tricks that will get the job done in a blink of an eye, but we gathered the most functional home cleaning tips and tricks that could be a great deal of help.

1.      Baking Soda is Your Best Friend.

You never want to run out of baking soda. It has uncountable usages around your house.

For Kitchen

  • It can help you easily remove hard water from the water boiler.
  • You were too tired to do the dishes last night and now you have hard food stuck to your pans? No problem! Add a bit of baking soda and warm water and leave them overnight. Scrape the pans easily in the morning.

baking sode-for-home-cleaningFor Bathroom

  • Baking soda works like magic for scrubbing the toilet, ditch the expensive cleaning detergents and use it.
  • Use it to clean the sink and the hard water in the shower head or the bathtub.

Personal Care

  • Baking soda is a natural teeth whitener for those who are in love with caffeinated drinks, or smokers.
  • Add a pinch of it to your hair conditioner, and enjoy hair full of volume, shine and squeaky clean.
  • Are you allergic to deodorants? Even if not, skip the harsh chemicals and pat some baking soda under your arms to neutralize body odor.
  • Additional tips
  • To freshen up your rugs you can sprinkle them with baking soda, leave it for an hour, vacuum and voila!
  • To eliminate bad odor from a pet’s litter box, sprinkle a bit of baking soda.

2.      Vinegar is Your Second Best Friend

Some remedies claim that baking soda combined with vinegar work amazingly. However, chemically when both are put together they neutralize each other and become ineffective. Both are best used individually.vinegar for home cleaning

  • Use vinegar to clean PC, whether it is a keyboard or a mouse; a cup of vinegar dilated in an equal amount of water will clean all the dirt.
  • Your jewelry is a bit dull? Vinegar can easily add shine if you soak your jewelry in it for 15 minutes and then pat them dry.
  • You can fix a clogged drain by bringing vinegar to a boil and pouring it.

3.      Always have Cornstarch in Your kitchen

No, this is not for food; it is a great cleaner with so many purposes.

cornstorch for home cleaning

  • Oil stains are a bit too stubborn, all you need it to sprinkle cornstarch, let it sit for a while and hand wash.
  • If one of the family members have sweaty feet, you will all probably be disgusted by the smell. A bit of cornstarch in their sneakers will absorb the entire stink and leave them fresh.
  • Cornstarch has almost the same ability of cleaning a rug as baking soda, just in case you run out of either.

4.      White as Salt

Salt is not just good for cooking; it has the ability to clean as well.salt for home cleaning

  • Salt with lemon or tartar cream (preferably) is an easy remedy for cleaning rust.To brighten the colors of an old rug or colored curtains, wash them in salt water; the results will surprise you.
  • To fill cracks or holes in walls, use equal amounts of salt and cornstarch and enough water to form a paste. Fill and let the paste dry.
  • If you forgot to put a coaster under your cup of tea, you will probably end up having water rings; not pretty. Make a paste using salt and vegetable oil and gently scrub until the water ring vanishes.
  • For tough greasy pans, you can sprinkle salt and let it sit for a while and then easily wash the grease off.

5.      Lemon is not Just for Lemonade

  • Lemon works wonders as a sanitizer, for example, use it for your garbage disposal. Pour a gallon of hot water mixed with lemon juice.
  • You can use it to clean and remove odors from a microwave. Simply, out one cup of water and one cup of lemon juice and bring to boil. Let it sit for another 10 minutes. Clean food particles, if any, with a piece of cloth.

lemon for home cleaning

  • If your cutting board is stained, pour some lemon juice and leave it over night. This process does not only remove the stain but also kills bacteria.

6.      Onions, You Read it Right. Onions

  • Onions are used to easily scrub grills and make them shine.
  • When you have paint odor that is irritating, you can simply slice up a couple of onions and leave them in a bowl and they will surly absorb the stink.

onions for home cleaning

  • Bug sprays usually have annoying smells; you can trade that for a spray of a mashed onion and water. This works great to repel bugs.

7.      Coca-Cola is not Just a Drink

It might be harmful for your insides, but it sure is useful around the house.

  • Forget all about rust, coca cola is a quick fix for it. Pour a can and let it do its magic.
  • Marker stains are as tough as oil stains, but coca cola can make things a lot easier.
  • If you have been out for quite a long time and your clothes stink a bit, you can add a can of coca cola to the laundry to help break down the bad odor.

coca cola for home cleaning

  • Coca cola helps remove gum, from hair or fabrics. Just pour a little and it will come out easy.





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