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  • 10 Brilliant Ideas for Decorating Kid's Bedrooms

    Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be a beautiful experience, and it introduces new facts to parents about their little children. Many designers say that when a mom goes to them with her daughter, she would think the girl likes pink; and the girl would surprisingly say blue. This process allows children to express themselves freely.

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    kids bedroom ideasThere are a few things you have to take care of. You should never spend too much money on trends, no matter how hard your kid begs. You can easily find a happy medium by accessorizing. Interior designer, Ann Fox shares a secret of putting toddlers from cribs straight to queen sized beds, because of how fast kids grow, plus they can keep it for quite a long time.

    When you make the decision of re-decorating, make your child write a list with every little thing they want, when they are done make them choose the most important three items and start step by step. We gathered very important tips to help you decorate better and draw a smile on your kid’s face.


    1. If your child has passion for art, let him express that! Add a giant chalkboard on a wall and get chalks of all colors. This way your child will always have a space area for art, and maybe he will come up with something really surprising; just give your Picasso a chance. Get some shapes off the internet and tell them to try drawing them; this is a great drawing exercise.

    chalkboard in kids room

    1. Many parents complain about how untidy and unorganized their kids are, however, parents neglect the fact why kids are that way. It is probably because everything around them is a lot taller than their own height. The floor is a much more convenient place from them. What you have to do to eliminate the untidiness is to make everything their height. If they can easily reach the closet, the benches, the desk or the coat rack, they will be more organized.

    kids room

    1. Some parents have a problem with putting their kids in bed. We have a smart idea. Most craft stores now sell an additive to paint that makes it glow in the darkness. Try to draw some stars and a moon on the ceiling, or maybe choose something that interests your child. If your kid is old enough, you can let them use the paint as they want. This will give them a reason to turn the lights off.


    1. Little kids love collecting things, maybe postcards or even pictures. It is a bit boring to keep their collections hidden in drawers. Kids love to admire their work. There are a couple of good ideas, you can either hang them by threads from the ceiling or clip them to a long string on the wall. That way your kid gets the chance to have a visual reminder of how great he is.

    kids room decor

    1. Removable wallpaper is becoming much less pricey than it originally was, and the patterns and styles are vastly growing. If you have a kid that has a thing for art, or maybe just likes his stuff personalized, you can buy some wallpaper and leave the little angel do the rest. Let your kid decide, this is good parenting as well as it teaches the kids responsibility of their own choices. Think of it as a wall tattoo, or a mess that you do not have to fix.


    1. Art is not just drawing; it can be painting or even poetry. Kids love to display their work. To give them such an opportunity, purchase a magnetic board; it is really cheap. The display area will allow your child to be proud and to show off the good talents! Make sure when you have family or friends around the house to show them what a great child you have. This act incredibly raises their self esteem

    kids room painting

                                                       Source: www.Thesmartlad.com

    1. Traditional growth charts are everywhere, some kids see them on television way too much, and it is a bit cliche. You can beat the odds by doing something unique, buy some non-toxic paint and instead of putting a mark of the height; put their handprint! This way you not only get to watch them grow taller, but bigger as well. You can be even more original by putting a footprint too.


    1. You might think lighting is only important for your room, think again! If you are not ready to lose the sudden sense of comfort that mysteriously arises the moment you put your kids in bed, then you need to carefully choose two lighting systems for their bedrooms. The second lighting should be like the reading one; this slowly puts the kids into a sleepy mood. Kids are hyper and active, even if they had just woken up! So this light can be a great help for them to find the bathroom at night, instead of turning on the normal lights and suddenly gain energy!

    sleeping kid

    1. If you are painting furniture, maybe a closet or a dresser let your kid help. Your kid will definitely grow and you will need to buy new furniture, so let them be creative. They should choose the color and the pattern. They can polka-dot all over with their little fingers. A signature makes them feel on top of the world, they can write, or put a handprint!

    kids room

    1. Leave a corner of the room for free style art. Get some peel and stick cork from your local crafts shop, help them use baby scissors to cut their favorite shapes. You can get some DIY cartoon shapes and help them draw, cut and stick their favorite cartoon characters. Let them peel and stick the cork in the free style art corner; it is not messy and is easily removed.


    Finally, please consult your child in everything so that they grow up knowing what responsibility means. If they ever go off board, teach them to compromise. Decorating their rooms is a great way of parenting.

  • 7 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    Your house is your kingdom, make it shine with beauty. Nothing beats having a good time with your family and enjoying a clean house together, it makes them appreciate you as well.

    Cleaning is never on our favorite to-do list, it is always a hard, tiring and energy-consuming process. It might sound like a huge duty, but you can easily learn how to make the best of a bad situation.

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    home cleaningA few tips can definitely transform the cleaning process; make it less time consuming and a lot easier than the usual routine.

    There are no magical tricks that will get the job done in a blink of an eye, but we gathered the most functional home cleaning tips and tricks that could be a great deal of help.

    1.      Baking Soda is Your Best Friend.

    You never want to run out of baking soda. It has uncountable usages around your house.

    For Kitchen

    • It can help you easily remove hard water from the water boiler.
    • You were too tired to do the dishes last night and now you have hard food stuck to your pans? No problem! Add a bit of baking soda and warm water and leave them overnight. Scrape the pans easily in the morning.

    baking sode-for-home-cleaningFor Bathroom

    • Baking soda works like magic for scrubbing the toilet, ditch the expensive cleaning detergents and use it.
    • Use it to clean the sink and the hard water in the shower head or the bathtub.

    Personal Care

    • Baking soda is a natural teeth whitener for those who are in love with caffeinated drinks, or smokers.
    • Add a pinch of it to your hair conditioner, and enjoy hair full of volume, shine and squeaky clean.
    • Are you allergic to deodorants? Even if not, skip the harsh chemicals and pat some baking soda under your arms to neutralize body odor.
    • Additional tips
    • To freshen up your rugs you can sprinkle them with baking soda, leave it for an hour, vacuum and voila!
    • To eliminate bad odor from a pet’s litter box, sprinkle a bit of baking soda.

    2.      Vinegar is Your Second Best Friend

    Some remedies claim that baking soda combined with vinegar work amazingly. However, chemically when both are put together they neutralize each other and become ineffective. Both are best used individually.vinegar for home cleaning

    • Use vinegar to clean PC, whether it is a keyboard or a mouse; a cup of vinegar dilated in an equal amount of water will clean all the dirt.
    • Your jewelry is a bit dull? Vinegar can easily add shine if you soak your jewelry in it for 15 minutes and then pat them dry.
    • You can fix a clogged drain by bringing vinegar to a boil and pouring it.

    3.      Always have Cornstarch in Your kitchen

    No, this is not for food; it is a great cleaner with so many purposes.

    cornstorch for home cleaning

    • Oil stains are a bit too stubborn, all you need it to sprinkle cornstarch, let it sit for a while and hand wash.
    • If one of the family members have sweaty feet, you will all probably be disgusted by the smell. A bit of cornstarch in their sneakers will absorb the entire stink and leave them fresh.
    • Cornstarch has almost the same ability of cleaning a rug as baking soda, just in case you run out of either.

    4.      White as Salt

    Salt is not just good for cooking; it has the ability to clean as well.salt for home cleaning

    • Salt with lemon or tartar cream (preferably) is an easy remedy for cleaning rust.To brighten the colors of an old rug or colored curtains, wash them in salt water; the results will surprise you.
    • To fill cracks or holes in walls, use equal amounts of salt and cornstarch and enough water to form a paste. Fill and let the paste dry.
    • If you forgot to put a coaster under your cup of tea, you will probably end up having water rings; not pretty. Make a paste using salt and vegetable oil and gently scrub until the water ring vanishes.
    • For tough greasy pans, you can sprinkle salt and let it sit for a while and then easily wash the grease off.

    5.      Lemon is not Just for Lemonade

    • Lemon works wonders as a sanitizer, for example, use it for your garbage disposal. Pour a gallon of hot water mixed with lemon juice.
    • You can use it to clean and remove odors from a microwave. Simply, out one cup of water and one cup of lemon juice and bring to boil. Let it sit for another 10 minutes. Clean food particles, if any, with a piece of cloth.

    lemon for home cleaning

    • If your cutting board is stained, pour some lemon juice and leave it over night. This process does not only remove the stain but also kills bacteria.

    6.      Onions, You Read it Right. Onions

    • Onions are used to easily scrub grills and make them shine.
    • When you have paint odor that is irritating, you can simply slice up a couple of onions and leave them in a bowl and they will surly absorb the stink.

    onions for home cleaning

    • Bug sprays usually have annoying smells; you can trade that for a spray of a mashed onion and water. This works great to repel bugs.

    7.      Coca-Cola is not Just a Drink

    It might be harmful for your insides, but it sure is useful around the house.

    • Forget all about rust, coca cola is a quick fix for it. Pour a can and let it do its magic.
    • Marker stains are as tough as oil stains, but coca cola can make things a lot easier.
    • If you have been out for quite a long time and your clothes stink a bit, you can add a can of coca cola to the laundry to help break down the bad odor.

    coca cola for home cleaning

    • Coca cola helps remove gum, from hair or fabrics. Just pour a little and it will come out easy.





  • A New Way to Utilize Space

    With a massively growing populace, lack of space is an ever-increasing dilemma. This problem is critically dominant in urban cities, where a large of influx of people is sometimes not properly catered for. As smaller houses are now rapidly getting made they have to be appropriately designed as well. Most of these constructions are more vertically enhanced in nature as land has become more precious. The lack of cubic spaces is quite challenging for designers as now they have to reiterate their design perspectives. Hence a brief overview of a new way to utilize space is given as follow:

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    Keep it Neat and Clean

    Limited spaces are easily cramped up and sullied, making the space seem even smaller. Organization of all belongings must be carefully done, not only to improve the space’s ambiance but also to feel disciplined. Putting everything in order is a great way of saving time whilst reassuring everyone that you are a meticulous adult. Thus keep your house completely clutter-free, regardless of the size!

    neat and clean room

    Scale with Detail

    A common blooper is when people ignore to keep the scale of their space in mind. This common mistake can completely off set the proportion of your house. A simple way to utilize smaller spaces is by looking at smaller-scaled furniture instead of huge items. Most experts recommend people to take a moment and visualize everything first before rushing into buying stuff which might not look flattering.

    small room

    Spend on Fixtures

    Spending on elaborate fixtures which save space is indeed a good bargain. Opting for certain modern furniture systems where other items can be organized makes the room look spacious and organized. These could be added in kitchens as cabinets or in the bedroom area next to the closets, making more room for you to put your essential items in. Find solace in such fixtures as they have the ability to multitask for your benefit.

    kitchen furniture

    Stay Away from Thick Furniture

    The best way to incorporate the concept of expanse in an overcrowded area is by eliminating heavy furnishing items. Make use of slender seats or chairs instead of clunky couches. Keeping furniture with legs that show is much better than keeping it directly on the floor introduces breadth in the decor.


    Find Multi-Functional Items

    Being confined into smaller space requires complete focus on all items. Multi-purpose furniture could really alter your lifestyle. A sofa that turns into a bed or a bed accommodating various drawers and compartments is something that will definitely look chic whilst making an impression. Being smart with the furniture is crucial, so find various purposes especially in heavy furniture.

    multi purpose furniture

    Demarcate Boundaries

    This stylish tactic will bring a cozier feel even in the smallest of areas. Brighten up any cramped section by introducing zones in it. Of course this has to be executed with subtlety just to bring tranquility and purpose to all sorts of areas. Never worry if you cannot have an ornate library in your apartment; just create a small reading section to fulfill all wishes fashionably.

    kitchen styling

    Learn to Strategize Like a Pro!

    A successful way of making confined areas more inviting is by duping the mind into believing the space is actually bigger. Focus on items which draw attention in a negative way and get rid of them. Any piece of decoration which makes the room appear smaller is not worth it. By adopting less fussy patterns and colors more vibrancy is brought in the place. Choosing basic color themes without excessively flamboyant designs can truly make your house look roomier. If an individual feels more comforted with bigger furnishing items they can even keep those; as long as the room is not flooded with furniture. It all comes down to basic decor strategies.

    pro designer

    Vertical Fashion

    Elevate your decor game by another level using this valuable advice. As the ground space is constricted, all the space on the walls may be rendered useless if not utilized properly. Not only does it look super elegant but feels extraordinarily chic. Use patterned wallpapers to accentuate the look of basic shelves. Using mirrored shelves will add that specific regal touch and provides you with an incentive to keep the items clutter free. Walls are a great way to make use of space but be careful not to overdo it.

    Clear Accessories are a Blessing

    In lieu of limited space, clear accessories have the ability to do the trick. Be it tables with glass tops, shelves or cabinets, they easily grant a feeling of openness. Make your home look glamorous just by following this simple tip.

    Use Mirrors

    Rectangular, circular or oval, any type of shape is pleasing to the eyes in a compact area. As mirrors reflect on the rest of the furniture, an open impression throughout the dwelling is immediately made. By combining mirrors with lamps many miniscule space issues are instantly rectified. It is all about finding the light and permeating it in the room.


    Folded Furniture

    Another great tip recommended by most designers is the use of furniture that could easily be folded up. This make-shift furniture could be in the shape of a dining table, stools and even beds. Choose those items which look stylish even when folded up. However be cautious and only incorporate a few of such objects as too much will look shoddy. Ignore the ‘what-if’ scenarios.

    folded furniture

    Be Your Own Critic

    The best way to enable utility out of a restricted space is by changing things up every once in a while. Smaller areas are likely to become cluttered quicker than usual so editing everything is essential. Keep an eye out for useless items and revamp regularly.

    Hang up as Much as Possible

    Be it fancy art-work or your TV set, setting it up on the wall will be more appealing compared to grounded décor. This way a featured wall could be appointed for this specific purpose, with a unique paint job to add that much needed plop of color. Using the walls gives an elongated semblance and ties the entire space together.

    Smart Staircase

    The stairway has possibly the best area preserved underneath it. Smartly decorate it with indoor plants or other furniture pieces and reinvigorate up every nook and corner of your abode!

    smart staircaseAs mentioned already space trouble can be quite mind-boggling. However these quick-fix ideas can truly polish your home, no matter what size it is. With the accurate color palettes, apposite furniture and ravishing artwork any living area can become gorgeous.

  • 13 Decor Mistakes Which Should be Avoided

    Managing to get the decor on point is a cumbersome task, but it always has marvelous results. Whether it is a newly bought apartment that is stylishly decorated or an office space embellished with sleek design, decor must highlight the individual’s personal taste.

    However, in most cases some people might get ahead of themselves in the process, ultimately leading to disastrous decor mistakes. The following tips could definitely levitate one’s designing perspective.

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    Hire help

    For some individuals decorating any space from start to finish could be a daunting task. To avoid the overwhelmingly challenging situation it is always a safe bet to hire a professional designer.

    professional designer

    With their expertise the final outcome can be quite beautiful. However avoid second-guessing their every move and never underestimate the budget.

    Color Chronology

    Designers feel that most amateurs miss a vital step whilst furnishing their abodes. Before shopping for the appropriate furniture, choosing the perfect paint color for the room is extremely important.

    paint color for the room

    This way, you will have a basic idea of what to shop for and what kind of equipment to look for. A basic notion of color schemes is also formed as the paint job highlights the basic contours of a room. Thus it is imperative to try out some paint in patches, selecting the perfect one and then moving on to the furnishing and decorations.

    Less is more

    This has to be the most paramount tip given by professionals to their clients. Crowding the room with unnecessary furniture is a complete disaster. A room should be spacious, functional and most of all not congested. Check out these tips to clean a crowded room.

    clean room

    The downside to a cramped room is that it looks smaller and hampers breezy movement. Avoid this aberration by simply placing the furniture differently. If there is too much then it is recommended to move it in a different room. Remember, minimalist fashion is considered very chic nowadays!

    Mix it up

    A common mistake made by virtually everyone, is their sheer lack of riskiness. Decor should be fun and dandy, not boring or morose. It is all about exploring options and creating beautiful designs. People should definitely avoid shopping from just one place as that gives the room a monotonic hue.

    home deocr is fun

    By fusing different types of furniture with a splash of color, almost every space can end up looking gorgeous. Care must be taken to ensure a balance. Too much of ‘mixing up’ could end up looking a tad tacky. The idea is to break free from extreme matching and the best way to do this is by shopping at different places. Be it a fancy high-end furniture shop or a cheap buy, make sure that it looks edgy and blends well.

    Natural Glow

    Modern decor concepts focus mainly on accentuating the vibrancy of your room. By extracting as much natural light as possible, this target can be easily attained. A common error made by most people is that they cover up the windows, constricting any source of light. Windows should not be made the focal point, but they also should not be covered up.

    natural glowing room

    They have the ability to not only illuminate the room, but also make it look cavernous. Curtains for the windows should be of lighter palettes for a glossy effect. In order to make the windows seem bigger, you should pin up the curtain railing higher, as close to the ceiling as possible. The elongated manner in which the windows and curtains scintillates the living area will be quite avant-garde.

    Besides attracting natural lights, you should also guarantee other sources of light as well. Go for lights which look enticing even when lit off as they can be a great decoration item. Lamps should also be carefully chosen. Make sure they do not cast a shadow that is uncomplimentary. Appoint a variety of lights all over the area to bring a diverse impact. However, do not go too overboard with this logic and keep it simple.

    Space smart

    As already mentioned, roomy areas are the most flattering ones when it comes to style and comfort. Little mistakes like pushing couches till the walls can negate this concept of space utility. Couches and sofas should not be backed all the way to the walls; instead they should be drawn closer making a safe haven of sorts.

    smart spacing

    This will be appreciated by your guests as well as it is cozier yet exclusive. Placing furniture on the outline of your room’s edges is never an appealing sight. However be cautious while following this tactic as you do not want to draw too much attention to the seating-space and ignore the rest of the room.

    This style of decor must be very subtle as that makes it shine through more. If the seating-arrangement has direction, it will also avoid a likely clutter and foreordain other items’ place.

    It’s all about the rugs

    Rugs are a supreme pre-requisite which can bring the balance in your room. In order to tie all the furniture together in unison, harmonizing items with the rugs is crucial. People often ignore this concept and move on to the other necessities. Stop! Rugs are indeed the deal-breaker. Opt for rugs which are more muted if you want your room to look bigger.


    Funky rugs can bring that exquisite splash of much-needed color in your dwelling. Rugs’ size is also very important as choosing the wrong one will make your house of office look disproportional. Contemporary way to place a rug is by ensuring it is in contact with the major furniture items including tables, chairs or couches. If a rug is just floating around in the middle of the room it will look cheap and doleful; something that must be avoided!

    Tones and tints

    Getting the color scheme accurate is perhaps the toughest decor job. With so many dapper color combinations nowadays, one is bound to feel perplexed. The biggest mistake that frazzles all aesthetic design is the use of too many colors.

    A picturesque way to integrate variety is by incorporating just a sliver of bright colors. Going overboard with perky shades can be utterly horrific. At the same time, completely mute tones are in fact, lifeless.

    Monochromatic designs are outdated and boring thus variety in terms of hues is crucial. Appropriate colors have the ability to allure people towards it so they should be concentrated upon.

    Easy on the accessories

    Filling up the room with small accessories can totally ruin the harmony of your room. It is important to maintain and restore balance and proportion. Too much of decorative accessories will look borderline disorganized and create a clutter.

    room with less accessories

    Keep the essentials and chuck the rest of the fixtures away from you room. Transform what could be an eye-sore to a stylish dwelling just by acknowledging this rule forever.

    Size Matters

    A giant-sized couch with sleek tables and clunky seats, imagining such a space is quite dreadful let alone decorating it like this. Most people get too involved in their decor duties, making them forget that equivalence is significant.

    Never mix up extremely odd-sized furniture with one another as that will look out of place. If the sizes are off, then the proportion will be crudely ignored.

    Keep things clean

    No matter how expensive your items are how much care you put into the decor, it is all downhill if there is a mess. The importance of a clean house cannot be stressed enough as that truly vivifies the room.

    keep things clean

    In order to avoid clutter use simple organizing tactics like fancy boxes or smart shelves, sensibly hiding the muddle. Cleanliness illustrations your personality of a disciplined individual, something that must shine through in all walks of life.

    Your designs and decor will seem even more revitalized under hygienic conditions. Remember, nothing yelps lovely as cleanliness does, so spend some time in cleaning every day.

    Run away from DIY

    If you do not fancy yourself as a crafty person, there is no guarantee that your DIY projects will be a success. It is great as a hobby but for a more formal outlook, DIY is not the answer. Some projects might look gorgeous yet easy on the internet but their execution is often difficult.

    Merging your DIY items with the other store-bought one could also be tricky, for which you should seek expert guidance. Hence, avoid all sorts of trouble and never show-case it if it failed to turn out how you expected.

    Comfort and Personality

    In the midst of chaotic planning, most individuals forget the basic purpose of decor. Indeed it can become stressful but it does not have to, so make sure you relish and take pride in your design.

    happy home decor

    The concept of individuality should speak for itself. Also make sure that the entire room or space is a comfortable zone. There is no point in accumulating those items which might look very pretty but often fail to comfort the body. One should feel relaxed in the environment, thus the ambience should be cordial and soothing. It looks breathtaking if you are inculcating your personality in the designs because of its uniqueness.

  • 7 Stuff in Your House That Show You Are an Impulse Buyer

    "Shopping can provide a pick-me-up and make you feel more in charge of your life," says April Lane Benson, Ph.D., a psychologist who specializes in consumer buying behavior. Sure enough, that flashy “SALE” sign has a hypnotic effect on the human brain! Strolling through a supermarket you naturally end up buying more than you actually need - even if it means shopping out of your list. Psychologists say we enjoy a great deal of pleasure when we imagine owning a product that we happen to see; most often than not, we end up buying that product to continue experiencing this ecstatic pleasure of owning. Shopping outside of your needs easily gets classified as impulse buying. Glance through the following stuff typically witnessed in an impulse buyer’s home. Who knows, you could be one such deal-prone impulse buyer!

    1. Multiple Cards

    A decade ago, receiving a loyalty card from a diner did raise a few eyebrows among consumers. Now it is a common sight to receive one such card even from your favourite coffee shop. It is a natural tendency of impulse buyers to throng many shops and obviously accumulate almost every card on the deal. Gone are the days when one credit card sufficed for all the shopping needs of a home and now it does not come as a surprise for one member to stack atleast 4 to 5 credit cards from many banks offering varied lucrative schemes. Since credit cards let you pay and forget all about it till reminded by the bank, it is common for an impulse buyer to possess many credit cards; one for supermarkets, one for online shopping, one for a particular retailer and another suitable for a particular diner. It sure is a crazy cards dealing!

    Loyalty_cards                                  Photo credit: petergreenberg.com


    2. In-Trend Stuff

    No doubt you chose that multi-tasking furniture to double your utility. At the same time, this novelty means you have to get rid of your old stuff that served you till the new one arrived. If you are replacing your dear old stuff just to keep up with a trend chased by your kitty party friends, you sure are an impulse buyer. There are thousands and millions of home improvement ideas flooding the market and naturally trends come and go. Opt for timeless home improvement things that you can rely on for years because altering massive stuff becomes a huge investment every time. Pursuing trends sure is a gamble!

    home-office-delightful-trendy                                                               Photo credit: kuwans.com


    3. Craft Fair Hauls

    Handicrafts surely drive your buying impulse go wild and crazy. If you have a craft fair haul lying around the house since you did not have the time to arrange them or the old arrangement was taken down for a fresh stock of handiwork stuff, you sure did let your impulse take over everything else. Even if you visit one of those craft fairs to buy Christmas gifts, you will end up walking out with a bulky haul all for yourself; such is the enticement of handicrafts. You can keep this inclination under check by carrying the required amount of cash that is within the plan instead of your flashy credit card.

    Craft Fair Hauls                                                   Photo credit: richmondcraftmafia.com


    4. Rolled Rugs

    Rugs are magical stuff that can dispense enormous charm when they are rolled out; they are the most irresistible of all the handicrafts you come across for home décor. As sumptuous and striking the natural fibers in your rugs are; they are vulnerable to get infected by moths when left to lay idle. Moist conditions will surely make your rug quality deteriorate with time. If you have an assortment of rugs, use them in layers and allow your rug the privilege to age gracefully instead of piling them in your store. You sure cannot buy gorgeous rugs out of mere impulse. Can you?

    Rolled Rugs                                                        Photo credit: tollidaycarpetservices.com


    5. Shy Art Pieces

    Unless you are an epic character like Virgil Oldman from “The Best Offer”, who can afford to have a huge room full of art for display, buying art pieces only to be stashed in the attic shows you did go very far with your impulsive shopping. Art looks its best when displayed; if not revealed for the whole world, set-up a separate room for your art to be hung or displayed elegantly. Consider putting up art in your attic, loft, basement and even the mud room; any place that flaunts the beauty of an art is suitable for your collection. The artist did complete his masterpiece for someone to admire; and that “someone” happened to be you, who has invested heavily on these living legends.

    Shy Art Pieces                                                                 Photo credit: penn.museum


    6. Overloaded Fridge

    We sure do not need a picture to demonstrate an overloaded fridge; if you are forcing close the fridge door, it sure is overloaded - one of the most common sights in an impulse buyer’s abode. Most of the time you will end up buying stuff that is already present in your fridge - just that you did not notice due to the food outburst in your fridge. Shopping in supermarkets as we already know is the main gateway for buying out of impulse. Declutter the fridge every week or just before hitting the supermarkets to curb this concern.



    7. Sweet Burst

    Unless it is Halloween round the corner, if it is normal for your home to be sprawling with sweets, it shows you are an impulse buyer. Your home need not flaunt Willy Wonka’s factory; even if one can find sweets in notable places of your home - that is without any occasion, you sure need to smack your hand when picking sweets off the aisle, during your wait at the supermarket cash counter. Sweets are displayed prominently near the checkout area to activate that sweet-buying-impulse; without which you wouldn’t otherwise consider buying sweets.

    Halloween_candy_sweets                                                       Photo credit: onebusywahm.com

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