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Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs

Based on modern art, and made of high quality thick & lustrous wool, Modern Rugs carry fresh contemporary designs tinted with authentic vegetable dyes. They are created with the sole purpose of giving a room that vogue "modern look”; a fad that does not seem to fizzle out anytime soon. They are known to combine large clutter-free fields with the rare geometric, animal or human silhouette. Sometimes there are over-all abstract patterns or bold stripes. Due to great demand for the Pak-Gabbeh, patterns were eventually made of the more popular designs.

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Also known as Contemporary Rugs, these types of rugs represent novel design and color techniques that blend with each other resulting in a domain that range from visually simplistic rugs to bright and bold patterned ones. These contemporary carpets have the ability to change the very perspective of your home to showcase a modern setting with a crisp environment.


Origin of Modern Rugs

Thanks to modern rug manufacturing industry, nowadays rugs are not beautifying royal palaces, large cathedrals and grand hotels alone; handmade and machine made carpets, rugs and kilims have become an integral part of home décor ideas for quite some time now.

 However, as a result of basic human instinct, a change in every element becomes necessary after a while; thus emerged the need for a revolution in the carpet weaving industry. Carpet weavers around the world began to embed creative colors and designs to move past the traditional look of a carpet and offered modern rugs to rug enthusiasts. These elegant yet novel carpet patterns have turned out to be extremely popular among all; users and collectors alike.

While many of these modern rug designs are based on Persian and Turkish design philosophy, some are based on 19th century art movements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Thus one could safely regard modern rugs as ‘modernity based in tradition’.

Characteristics of Modern Rugs that Stand Out

The colors used in Modern Rugs are a true contrast with the traditional browns and maroons used otherwise in conventional carpets. Colors can range from dark blues to bright oranges. These catchy shades catch viewer’s attention their sharp outlook; office and home owners with a penchant for modern, fresh and innovative décor, prefer these rugs for their interior décor.

Patterns take on all forms of geometric shapes and elements that blend well with the unique color combinations used in these contemporary rugs. Soft, symmetric and subtle outlines are well-defined in the overall pattern formation on these rugs.

These modern designs settle well on carpets that use comparatively thicker base, thus Modern Carpets have emerged as products offering greater comfort and softness that blends well with the bold yet attractive design formulations on them.

Quite often, the weavers of these modern rugs go for animal silhouettes on their rugs. Interestingly, buying trends have proven many to be huge fans of such trendy patterns which are ideal for farm houses, formal work environments and home interiors since these carpets present a splice of ambience and elegance tinged with a modern flavor.

If you are looking forward to give your room a modern makeover, nothing complements your space better than a modern rug.

Popular Choices

People who usually tend to go for softer flavors in carpeting would find the Brown Persian Antique Vintage rug ideal for their taste. For the ones who are fascinated with the playful use of bright shades would be in awe with the Indigo Persian Antique rug .

ALRUG.com’s Modern Rugs not only capture the attention of the viewers’ eyes but makes sure they have subdued their heart with joy through colorful display of vibrant visuals.

ALRUG.com offers the best reserve of modern or contemporary rugs online. So go ahead and choose the one that flaunts your space and taste.

You may also want to check out the Gabbeh Rugs, a unique category in itself that is partially based on the principles of Modern Rug designs.