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Transitional Rugs

Transitional Rugs

Our Transitional Rugs collection carries a wide range of carpets that developed over the last few decades with the influence of Persian, Turkoman and Afghan cultures, resulting in rugs of great complexity and superb coloration. With fine natural dyes Chobi, Oushak, Ferahan and Ziegler and vibrant Kazak, Caucasian and Kargai designs, the collection carries the rugs of finest quality and unmatched beauty in all respects. Woven by top class master weavers, these stunningly beautiful rugs has great intricacy and definition in design, super-fine quality. They are a proud symbol of exclusivity the hand knotted carpets can depict.

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Origin of Transitional Rugs

The initial weaving of transitional rugs began in Afghanistan with Afghans introducing the Chobi style of transitional rugs. Thus Afghans were the originators of these rugs. However, eventually the transitional rug industry sought its place across the borders of Afghanistan – that is, in Pakistan. Pakistani weavers approached this design with great interest and soon Pakistani businessmen were investing in the production of transitional rugs since the market seemed promising. Many Afghan immigrants in Pakistan also took up the occupation after crossing the borders which allowed the weavers to bring that original Afghan skill into the Pakistani market of transitional rugs.

What is a Transitional Rug?

The name represents that transitional rugs are midway between the classic traditional rugs and the modern carpets. What differentiate transitional rugs from the modern rugs are the motifs and patterns that seldom occur in the modern rugs however are the basis of the traditional rugs. But unlike classic traditional rugs, transitional rugs tend to have enhanced edges and outlines in their patterns which differentiate them from conventional rug patterns.

Where do Transitional Rugs Fit?

The ideal space for a transitional rug does not seek conventional feel, yet does not want to go overboard with striking modern carpeting. Transitional rugs provide the perfect blend between the two, with their colors, designs and patterns that are on a softer yet eye-catching side.

What Stands out In Transitional Rugs?

The materials used in the weaving of Transitional rugs are often the natural ones including silk, wool and cotton. Transitional rugs thus do not only stick to the use of hand-knitted wool in their production but reach out to other materials as well; contributing to the wide variety available in this category. Many interior designers prefer transitional rugs for their projects since they have abundant rug designs and colors to choose from.

Some of the Popular Transitional Rugs

The most recurring design in transitional rugs category is the Chobi rug. Westerners value the classic Chobi hand-knitted designs for their homes since this weighs high on the culmination of modern and traditional blend side. Alrug.com displays several designs of this sort with a large color domain providing ample options to the buyer.