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Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573

Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573

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  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
  • Vintage 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) - No. 37573
This Iran Vintage design rug is hand-knotted with Wool on Cotton.
The primary color in this handmade rug is Rose.
This rug is 20-40 years old and in Low Pile condition.
The measurements for this rug are: 9 feet 8 inches wide by 13 feet 1 inches long.
This rug is currently Available and will ship within 2 business days.
Free International Shipping & 14-Day Returns.
This rug's SKU # is 37573.

Additional Information

SKU 37573
Design Vintage
Woven Hand Knotted
Color Rose
Size 9' 8" x 13' 1" (ft) / 295 x 399 (cm)
Pattern Curvilinear
Pile Wool
Warp Cotton
Origin Iran
Age 20-40 years old
Condition Low Pile
Weave Senneh
KPSI Please inquire
Shape Rectangle
Type No
Product Authenticity Seal
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Retail Price: $10,587

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FREE International Shipping via DHL or UPS in 3 to 5 business days

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I ordered a custom rug from ALRUG and couldn't be happier. I'm an interior designer and I see a lot of rugs. This one is beautiful and unique and was very, very well priced. They were extremely helpful and provided me with updates throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to my friends and clients. Thank you ALRUG for a gorgeous rug!!! Read this testimonial on Houzz

Jennifer Remillard, CA, USA

Debra Smith & Toni Pack, Tennessee, USA

"Buying something on the internet is always quite hard. My experience with ALRUG.com was remarkable. From the first time I emailed, they replied to my questions within the same day. From the time I ordered the rug it was shipped within 3 days of my order and was sitting on my front door within 7 days. My rug was Beautiful, there is not a lot more to say, other than to say, thank you, for the outstanding service you give to your clients. The rug was exactly as pictured and described on the net."

Debra Smith & Toni Pack, Tennessee, USA

Design Description

Persian carpets are part of a magical story that began thousands of years ago. In Persia, they were the first floors, chairs and beds. For many families soft, hand-woven wool Persian rugs were the most valuable possession they had. Carpet weaving completely encompasses the art and culture of Persia. From treasured antiques that once graced palace floors to vibrantly colored shepherd's floor coverings, old or new Persian carpets tell a story that becomes more endearing with time.

Persian rugs may have been born out of necessity but fewer things have inspired so many. Village weavers added poetic beauty to these canvasses with their own unique designs and motifs. Mother Nature played her part by providing the vegetation and wool that became the host of colors and textures that makes each rug a unique piece of art. At ALRUG we believe that a Persian carpet is the heart and soul of a room. Along with bringing life to the decor of your living spaces, our rugs provide lasting warmth and comfort. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of exceptional quality area rugs, handcrafted to delight you, your family and guests for many years to come.
ALRUG specializes in handmade Persian rugs and other carpets. Enjoy our secure shopping, hassle-free return policy and free shipping directly to your home or business. Order your affordable, authentic Persian rug today!
The carpet-making traditions of the Middle East and Southeast Asia date back hundreds and thousands of years, and include some of the most beautiful and intricately detailed work in the history of human handicrafts. Many in the West may still know them as Oriental rugs, but that term encompasses a host of highly esteemed regional carpet styles and national rug making traditions, including Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, Chinese, Pakistani, Turkish, and Persian rugs, all of which can be found here at ALRUG.

Wool is the material of choice for traditional Oriental rugs, and ALRUG offers hundreds of handmade Persian and Oriental wool rugs in all sizes and shapes. Our rug sizes for all materials range from hall and stair runners to rugs smaller than 3 feet by 5 feet and larger than 9 feet by 12 feet - perfect for everything from foyers to grand halls. ALRUG offers exceptional quality and classic regional rug designs at a lower cost.
Our Transitional Rugs collection carries a wide range of carpets that developed over the last few decades with the influence of Persian, Turkoman and Afghan cultures, resulting in rugs of great complexity and superb coloration. With fine natural dyes Chobi, Oushak, Ferahan and Ziegler and vibrant Kazak, Caucasian and Kargai designs, the collection carries the rugs of finest quality and unmatched beauty in all respects. Woven by top class master weavers, these stunningly beautiful rugs has great intricacy and definition in design, super-fine quality. They are a proud symbol of exclusivity the hand knotted carpets can depict.
Based on modern art, and made of high quality thick & lustrous wool, Modern Rugs carry fresh contemporary designs tinted with authentic vegetable dyes. They are created with the sole purpose of giving a room that vogue "modern look”; a fad that does not seem to fizzle out anytime soon. They are known to combine large clutter-free fields with the rare geometric, animal or human silhouette. Sometimes there are over-all abstract patterns or bold stripes. Due to great demand for the Pak-Gabbeh, patterns were eventually made of the more popular designs.
More than 500 years ago, the Persians invaded Indo-Pak sub-continent from the northwest, bringing with them their most treasured possessions, their meticulously handcrafted rugs. Over time, this mingling of cultures gave birth to carpets with their own unique themes, delicate patterning and vivid palette of colors. Today, handmade carpets are produced in different cities in Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Dera Ghazi Khan among many others. Considerably less expensive than other rugs of this genre, they are ideal for virtually every room in your home.

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