Bokhara rugs Pakistan

Bokhara rugs Pakistan, weaved by highly trained craftsmen. It can never go wrong when it comes to selecting the correct handmade rugs. That not only fit but also complement your well-decorated living space!

The name Bokhara is frequently using to characterize modern Tekke-face carpets. It is mostly handcraft by experts from Central Asia. Also, where did these wonderful woven spells come from? Bokhara rugs in Pakistan are famous as tekke rugs, which are popular in ancient tradition. These rugs' designs and patterns are cover by geometric shapes and frequently overlooked by lines of guls. The tekke tribe and central Asia were responsible for some of the designs on Bokhara rugs Pakistan. Pakistan Bokhara rugs for sale are displayed in our website go and check now!

History of Bokhara Rugs:

The Tekke was a Central Asian tribe from the Bokhara region. Rows of guls with accompanying geometric patterns characterize the design. It is also believed to have taken some design elements from the Salor tribe, which is also from the Bokhara region of Central Asia. According to some professional historians, the Tekke very likely defeated the ancient Salor tribe and adopted their designs. Rugs with "Bokhara" designs are now design in countries such as Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, as well as Central Asia.

These rugs are typically woven by nomads on lateral mobile looms with such a unique weave than Pakistani Bokharas and thus are typically based just on Senneh knot (referred to as "double knot" in Pakistan). The woolen pile of both the rugs is much shorter than that of Pakistani Bokharas, as well as the design is more complicated, necessitating a higher knot thickness. Central Asian Bokharas are typically rust, crimson, and reddish-brown. Pakistan Bokhara rugs red is a perfect for your home décor. Its color and design make a best complement for your room.

Legacy of Bokhara rug:

Even as the name implies, Bokhara rugs emerged in the Bokhara located in modern Uzbekistan. Thus the tribe involved in creating these enthralling artworks was known as 'Tekke.'

As a result, the motifs that define the face among these rugs are completely Asian, but their geometric shapes with rows of guls often give off an innately traditional feel. It's also reported that perhaps the Tekke tribe borrowed some design elements from the Salor tribe, which further lived in the Bokhara region of Central Asia.

Created only by tribal people, the super-duper and artistically pleasing Bokhara carpets are today developed and constructed all over the carpet-weaving worldwide. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan are among the primary countries that contribute to the production of handcrafted Bokhara rugs.

Unique Characteristics of Bokhara rugs Pakistan:

The phrase "Pakistani Bokhara" refers to contemporary Tekke-faced carpets. It is manufacture in Pakistan, which is some of the country's most popular handwoven rugs. The Pakistani Bokhara does have a very soft yet thick pile. It is a combination of New Zealand's worse and indigenous Pakistani wool on a cotton foundation.

The pile length varies based on the trimming of the given rug. The pile is often purposefully keep substantially longer, resulting in more thickness plus depth - albeit there is an exchange with design clarity.

Pakistani Bokharas are available in a range of colors and qualities. The dyes, like most handwoven rugs nowadays, are synthetic and guaranteed. Pakistani Bokharas are well-known for their smooth, sumptuous feel, heavy pile, appealing colors and design, and low price.

How to decor Pakistan Bokhara Rugs?

Bokhara rugs have had an intrinsically traditional  appeal, with historical designs and vivid colors like classic brick red, bright green, and blue. As a result, when it comes to designing a modern home, almost no one considers purchasing a Bokhara. Instead, homeowners choose sleek and contemporary carpets, which, while attractive, are typically ordinary and lack the opulence of a classic handcrafted floor covering.

So here are a few expert decorating techniques for a great handcrafted Bokhara rug:

  • Underneath soft-colored sofas, place a crimson Bokhara rug. Finish the theme with a wooden center table and red-themed cushions.
  • Choose a white Bokhara rug & match it with neutral-colored sofas and dark wooden furnishings for a soothing, simple décor that emanates classic charm. Finish the appearance with a few indoor plants.
  • Make your dining room more appealing with a large Pakistani Bokhara rug placed underneath the dining table. Note that the shape of your rug should be similar to that of the table.
  • Use a classic red Bokhara runner rug in the entrance hallway for a traditional oomph that depicts your unique aesthetics.

Furthermore, if you do not vacuum your rug at least 2-3 times each week. Also to keep away from dampness, or have it professionally thoroughly cleaned yearly. The artifact may begin to fade out sooner than planned. So, if you're looking to acquire a handmade Bokhara rug, make sure it's legitimate. Also, practice a proper rug cleaning method weekly.

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