Tribal & Baluchi Rugs
Tribal rugs have bold and exciting natural dye colors that are central to the crisp and contemporary look, and are famous for their durability and elegance. The vast appeal of tribal rugs is eloquently summed up by the eminent naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, who spent much time with tribal weavers while making a film about them and their art: "Today, the straightforward yet subtle creations of the tribal weavers have come to be appreciated more and more. The complexity of their meanings, the nuances of their history and traditions, and all the insights of connoisseurship, certainly enhance their fascination. But their abiding appeal rests surely on those qualities which were so treasured by their anonymous creators - a pride in craftsmanship, a joy in pattern and invention, and an unquenchable delight in color."
The growing enthusiasm for tribal rugs is not difficult to comprehend. They are full of life, vibrantly colored and rich in imagination. The inventive geometric designs are part of a weaving tradition that dates back two thousand years to the nomadic tribes and villages of Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and other areas further north and east in Central Asia. Tribal rugs have a special character and personality, spun flavor that makes them so easy to live with in the modern home. They are absolutely delight anywhere - bedroom or family room, foyer or dining room. They simply glow with beauty and charm. Of course, with the growing appreciation of these delightful hand-picked tribal rugs, prices have escalated considerably. But at, you can buy these high quality tribal rugs, all at exceptional prices!