Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be a beautiful experience, and it introduces new facts to parents about their little children. Many designers say that when a mom goes to them with her daughter, she would think the girl likes pink; and the girl would surprisingly say blue. This process allows children to express themselves freely.

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kids bedroom ideasThere are a few things you have to take care of. You should never spend too much money on trends, no matter how hard your kid begs. You can easily find a happy medium by accessorizing. Interior designer, Ann Fox shares a secret of putting toddlers from cribs straight to queen sized beds, because of how fast kids grow, plus they can keep it for quite a long time.

When you make the decision of re-decorating, make your child write a list with every little thing they want, when they are done make them choose the most important three items and start step by step. We gathered very important tips to help you decorate better and draw a smile on your kid’s face.


  1. If your child has passion for art, let him express that! Add a giant chalkboard on a wall and get chalks of all colors. This way your child will always have a space area for art, and maybe he will come up with something really surprising; just give your Picasso a chance. Get some shapes off the internet and tell them to try drawing them; this is a great drawing exercise.

chalkboard in kids room

  1. Many parents complain about how untidy and unorganized their kids are, however, parents neglect the fact why kids are that way. It is probably because everything around them is a lot taller than their own height. The floor is a much more convenient place from them. What you have to do to eliminate the untidiness is to make everything their height. If they can easily reach the closet, the benches, the desk or the coat rack, they will be more organized.

kids room

  1. Some parents have a problem with putting their kids in bed. We have a smart idea. Most craft stores now sell an additive to paint that makes it glow in the darkness. Try to draw some stars and a moon on the ceiling, or maybe choose something that interests your child. If your kid is old enough, you can let them use the paint as they want. This will give them a reason to turn the lights off.


  1. Little kids love collecting things, maybe postcards or even pictures. It is a bit boring to keep their collections hidden in drawers. Kids love to admire their work. There are a couple of good ideas, you can either hang them by threads from the ceiling or clip them to a long string on the wall. That way your kid gets the chance to have a visual reminder of how great he is.

kids room decor

  1. Removable wallpaper is becoming much less pricey than it originally was, and the patterns and styles are vastly growing. If you have a kid that has a thing for art, or maybe just likes his stuff personalized, you can buy some wallpaper and leave the little angel do the rest. Let your kid decide, this is good parenting as well as it teaches the kids responsibility of their own choices. Think of it as a wall tattoo, or a mess that you do not have to fix.


  1. Art is not just drawing; it can be painting or even poetry. Kids love to display their work. To give them such an opportunity, purchase a magnetic board; it is really cheap. The display area will allow your child to be proud and to show off the good talents! Make sure when you have family or friends around the house to show them what a great child you have. This act incredibly raises their self esteem

kids room painting


  1. Traditional growth charts are everywhere, some kids see them on television way too much, and it is a bit cliche. You can beat the odds by doing something unique, buy some non-toxic paint and instead of putting a mark of the height; put their handprint! This way you not only get to watch them grow taller, but bigger as well. You can be even more original by putting a footprint too.


  1. You might think lighting is only important for your room, think again! If you are not ready to lose the sudden sense of comfort that mysteriously arises the moment you put your kids in bed, then you need to carefully choose two lighting systems for their bedrooms. The second lighting should be like the reading one; this slowly puts the kids into a sleepy mood. Kids are hyper and active, even if they had just woken up! So this light can be a great help for them to find the bathroom at night, instead of turning on the normal lights and suddenly gain energy!

sleeping kid

  1. If you are painting furniture, maybe a closet or a dresser let your kid help. Your kid will definitely grow and you will need to buy new furniture, so let them be creative. They should choose the color and the pattern. They can polka-dot all over with their little fingers. A signature makes them feel on top of the world, they can write, or put a handprint!

kids room

  1. Leave a corner of the room for free style art. Get some peel and stick cork from your local crafts shop, help them use baby scissors to cut their favorite shapes. You can get some DIY cartoon shapes and help them draw, cut and stick their favorite cartoon characters. Let them peel and stick the cork in the free style art corner; it is not messy and is easily removed.


Finally, please consult your child in everything so that they grow up knowing what responsibility means. If they ever go off board, teach them to compromise. Decorating their rooms is a great way of parenting.