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Rugs, Carpets and Kilims and everything about them!

  1. 7 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    7 Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks
    Your house is your kingdom, make it shine with beauty. Nothing beats having a good time with your family and enjoying a clean house together, it makes them appreciate you as well. Cleaning is never on our favorite to-do list, it is always a hard, tiring and energy-consuming process. It might sound like a huge duty, but you can easily...
  2. A New Way to Utilize Space

    A New Way to Utilize Space
    With a massively growing populace, lack of space is an ever-increasing dilemma. This problem is critically dominant in urban cities, where a large of influx of people is sometimes not properly catered for. As smaller houses are now rapidly getting made they have to be appropriately designed as well. Most of these constructions are more vertically enhanced in nature as...
  3. 13 Decor Mistakes Which Should be Avoided

    13 Decor Mistakes Which Should be Avoided
    Managing to get the decor on point is a cumbersome task, but it always has marvelous results. Whether it is a newly bought apartment that is stylishly decorated or an office space embellished with sleek design, decor must highlight the individual’s personal taste. However, in most cases some people might get ahead of themselves in the process, ultimately leading to...
  4. There is a Rug to Complement Every Floor Type

    There is a Rug to Complement Every Floor Type
    A magical traveling carpet could be a myth straight out of imaginary fables but there sure exists an air of enchantment around handmade carpets. Whatever floor type you go with, there is a rug to add on to the great looks of your flooring and interiors. If you are dealing with more than one floor type, you stand a chance...
  5. Price Matching on Bokhara Rugs!

    Are you looking for best Bokhara rugs prices online? ALRUG now provides Price Match option for its vast collection of soft and lustrous Bokhara rugs in many fabulous colors! Don't miss out the opportunity while it lasts!

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