This article was last updated on 15th December 2017.

One might wonder when interior designing became a profession. In fact, some may wonder when it emerged as a mere concept.

The origins of interior design as a serious profession can be traced back to the industrialization era when people started to think of more functional ways to use the spaces in their homes, as after all, homes were their solace after a hard day at work.

Elsie De Wolfe was one of the very first females, or rather more accurately, humans to do interior designing as a profession. One thing you ought to know about Elsie is that she refused to settle for the old-fashioned Victorian style and rebelled against it. Her way of decorating was, by all means, different as she relied on light designs and fresh colors, which was in contrast to the Victorian style that preserved a sense of heaviness somehow.

Thousands of talented people followed Elsie De Wolfe and are praised all over the world for their outstanding decorating talents. Below, we will talk briefly about 10 of the finest interior designers globally, along with some of their most important works and design philosophies.


Philippe Starck philippe starckStarck is a French designer who has become known and praised in many parts of the world since the beginning of the 1980s. His designing concept is mainly based on the idea of creating more using less, which adds a sense of simplicity to his elegant, beautiful designs.

In 1982, Starck was assigned to design the interior of the back then French president Francois Mitterrand. A slight proof of just how good this man is.

So basically, what we can learn from Philippe is that elegance can be simple, cheap yet very tasteful.


Mario Buattamario buattaMario is an American designer who has done some work for some of America’s most famous celebrities like Mariah Carey, Barbara Walters, and Henry Ford II. He studied architecture at Parsons School of design in NYC.

Buatta’s approach to designing strives to create the maximum degree of comfort using a well-balanced mixture of contemporary elements and old-fashioned ones. This can sound a bit complicated but not to this man; take a look at Buatta’s designs to see how can such a collision result into the perfect amount of comfort.


Karim Rashidkarim rashidThis man’s interior design masterpieces will absolutely make you hold your breath and stare for a while and admire with fascination the purity of the sensual curves that are mixed with freshening bright colors.

Rashid is an Egyptian industrial designer who was born in Cairo in 1960. Rashid received a Bachelor in industrial design in 1982 from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. He is mostly focused on designing luxury goods and brand identities.

Karim’s influence comes from his ability to include a sense of organic touch in his works, mixing it with fabulous variations of sensual bright curves. Check out Karim’s website to see for yourself.


Mariette Himes Gomez mariette himesGomez is an influential designer known for her eye comforting, relaxing designs that are firm and disciplined at the same time. She is highly capable of merging high-class elements with simplicity needed for comfort. Check out Gomez’s official website for further visual inspiration.


Timothy Corrigan timothy corriganCorrigan is an American designer who was named among the world’s top designers and architects by Architectural Digest. He is famous for including antiques into most of his projects, with more or less a reasonable portion of contemporary elements. His works can be found in European and Middle Eastern royal houses.


Patricia Urquiolapatricia urquiolaPatricia is a Spanish designer. She was born in Spain, studied in Madrid before graduating from Italy in 1989. Her works are mainly based on the notion of mental comfort, which you will get to feel when you check out the W hotels on Vieques islands, Puerto Rico.


Victoria Hagan victoria hoganVictoria Hagan is an American designer known mainly for the sense of proportion in her works. Architectural Digest describes her style as “Crisply elegant and cheerfully modern”.

Hagan founded her own firm in Manhattan in 1991. She describes her own work as a balanced, well-blended mixture of comfort, function, and scale. Check out the official website of Hagan to find out more about how to mix those 3 elements.


Federico Delrosso federico delrossoDelrosso is an architect from Italy rather than a trained professional interior designer. However, this man was so passionate about his building projects that he decided he wanted to design their interiors himself. And so Federico became one of the most interesting interior designers in the world.

His style of designing is known for the unexpected patterns of materials. Delrosso would put concrete, wood, glass, and iron in one bit of the house if he wanted to.


Brad Ford

brad-fordBrad Ford is an American designer from Arkansas whose style also is a reasonable mixture of elegance, sophistication, and straightforwardness. Brad owns his own firm in New York since 1998. Check out his creative interior design work at his website.


Samuel Botero

sam boteroBotero is a New York-based designer who was born in Colombia. Botero is known as a one influential interior designer who doesn't think too much about rules as he thinks worrying about them can ruin the decorating theme one is working on.

So, what do you think of these design and decoration mavens? Who among these is your favorite? Do let us know.

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