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  1. Decoration Secrets from 10 Top Notch Interior Designers

    Decoration Secrets from 10 Top Notch Interior Designers
    This article was last updated on 15th December 2017. One might wonder when interior designing became a profession. In fact, some may wonder when it emerged as a mere concept. The origins of interior design as a serious profession can be traced back to the industrialization era when people started to think of more functional ways to use the spaces in their...
  2. 13 Decor Mistakes Which Should be Avoided

    13 Decor Mistakes Which Should be Avoided
    Managing to get the decor on point is a cumbersome task, but it always has marvelous results. Whether it is a newly bought apartment that is stylishly decorated or an office space embellished with sleek design, decor must highlight the individual’s personal taste. However, in most cases some people might get ahead of themselves in the process, ultimately leading to...
  3. Top 9 Mistakes While Placing a Rug

    If you are a person with a “do-what-you-want-because-there-are-no-rules-for-rug-placement” conviction, let us face it, a shoddy rug placement will look like you are skipping a part of a story that you don’t want to tell! Here are some first-hand-experience tips to help you make an informed decision as to how exactly that ideal rug in your mind should be seated in...

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