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History and tradition

- A Brief Introduction to Carpet Weaving History of Pakistan
- 7 Most Expensive Rugs of the World
- Carpets from the Islamic World, 1600–1800
- History and making of famous Ardabil Carpet
- Ottoman, Safavid and Mughal Textile Art

Designs and types

- Tekke Bokhara: History and evolution of modern Bokhara rugs
- Splendid Suzanis
- Types of Oriental Rugs (coming soon)


- Construction of a hand-knotted rug
- History of Oriental Rugs (coming soon)

Buying tips 

- Buying Oriental Rugs - A Beginner's Guide
- Selecting the best Oriental rug for your home!
- Handmade Oriental Rugs - Shopping Tips I
- Handmade Oriental Rugs - Shopping Tips II
- Handmade Oriental Rugs - Shopping Tips III

Care and maintenance

- Care and use of Oriental rugs
- How to clean a Wool rug
- How to clean a Silk rug
- Oriental Rug Care

Glossary & resources

- Glossary of terms
- Resources