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Tabriz Rugs

Tabriz rugs for sale usually have a floral design, exhibiting a terrific precision. While Tabriz rugs may contain a variety of patterns, the majority are formal and characterized by a large central medallion. The field most often consists of short stems, supporting fronds, leaves, flowers, or pear designs. Tabriz rugs possess intricate designs that are usually arranged to give the delicate appearance of lacework. Border designs typically are framed by five to eight stripes around a series of cartouches or palmettes separated by foliated scrolls. The border element of Tabriz rugs may contain surprisingly exciting images of swords or soothing verses of poetry. Blues, reds, greens, and ivories comprised the majority of colors in the Tabriz rugs. These colors are generally softer shades, befitting the floral nature of the design. Most notably, they are harmonious in their display and serve to enhance the image of a garden. Tabriz rugs are characterized by a regular weave with a closely woven texture. The nap of the rug is closely shorn and firm to the touch. Tabriz rugs are of a great interest to the interior designers who buy them as fine decorative Persian carpets of the highest value.

Tabriz is the capital of Persian Azerbaijan in the northwestern part of Iran. Tabriz has been one of the foremost Persian rug producing towns since the 16th century and the center of the world's weaving community since the 1800's. Tabriz rug weavers are among the most skilled producers of quality rugs. As in many other rug weaving centers found in the city, Tabriz rug production declined till the latter part of the 19th Century, when the revival of the rug weaving industry brought some magnificent results in Tabriz.

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