Aubusson Rugs: A Timeless Piece of Art

The Aubusson rug is one of the world's most iconic art pieces, thanks to its simplicity and timeless appeal. They consider some of the most beautiful handmade rugs in the world and are famous for their timeless designs and fine craftsmanship. If you look to find a piece of art that will outlast today's trends, then Aubusson rugs are the way to go. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at what makes Aubusson rugs timeless art pieces and how you can choose the perfect one for your home!

What is an Aubusson rug?

Aubusson is a type of rug that has been a timeless piece of art for hundreds of years. Today, they continue to attract buyers throughout Europe and North America because they are famous for their high quality and beauty. What distinguishes an Aubusson area rug from any other carpet on your floor? Antique Aubusson rugs are many characteristics that help set them apart from their peers, making them unique among all other carpets. The first thing you will notice about an Aubusson rug is its texture.

The weave used in these rugs creates a smooth surface that feels soft against your feet and durable enough to last for decades. This combination of comfort and durability makes them perfect as both wall-to-wall carpetings or as a stand-alone accent piece in your home's decor. Another characteristic you will notice is how colorful these rugs can be, with some pieces featuring dozens of shades within just one design. With so much color available in each pattern, you can easily find one that matches almost any style you may have gone on in your room without sacrificing color or creativity.

The art of Aubusson rugs

Aubusson area rugs are an excellent addition to any home. They add a certain sophistication to each room that seems to be lacking in all other decors. There is something about the Aubusson rugs that make your environment come alive. Whether it's texture or color, and sometimes both, these rugs have a way of making everything else come together in one harmonious display. Sometimes, it even seems as if you notice things, you never noticed before. If you choose an antique Aubusson carpet for your home, there is no reason not to go with a handmade piece because each one will have its unique set of imperfections. These perfections make each rug so special and give it its personality. No two antique Aubusson rugs are exactly alike, which means yours will be truly one-of-a-kind!

Rug materials

Aubusson rugs are made from various materials, include silk, wool, cotton, and Mohair. Silk is sometimes referred to as gauze because it has a transparent appearance. Wool is typically available in many colors and blends well with other materials. Cotton is also use for Aubusson wool rugs due to its breathability and easy maintenance. These rugs are made from sheep's wool. While Mohair (from Angora goats) produces an extremely soft texture that can dyed in almost any color imaginable, these qualities make them a popular choice for use on Aubusson rugs in living areas or bedrooms. Materials vary widely depending on individual preferences; your rug may include one or more different fabrics.

Types and styles of Aubusson rugs

In terms of types, antique Aubusson rugs have traditionally been classified into four types. These are 1) The Vincennes type, 2) The Beauvais type, 3) The Chantilly type, and 4) The Brussels type. And in terms of style, they could be broadly classified into loom-made and knot-made carpets. Some specific styles in these categories include Goyescas, one of many fantasy patterns, Sidney style for larger rooms, or silk embroidered Aubussons for your main bedroom; each style varies not only by shape but also by color and pattern.

Classic Aubusson area rugs in all shapes and sizes, including modern styles like shag rugs. Their pattern was creat with a fine silk thread and used to cover as much or as little space as desire. This makes them one of the most versatile rugs available. Aubusson rugs are also still around today. To get a sense of each type, take a look at any traditional rug store like Alrug. You'll see antique Aubussons alongside modern styles that complement or rival them for their quality.

Is it worth investing in Aubusson rugs?

The answer is a resound yes, with many reasons to back it up. When you talk about carpets, French Aubusson rugs need no introduction. This type of rug holds great value in history and artistic appeal. If you crave exquisite decor that can seamlessly blend into any ambiance, then Aubusson rugs are perfect for you. These pieces add elegance to your home or office space, make them an excellent addition to your decor. Besides visually appealing, these rugs are durable and easy to maintain. They can withstand wear and tear without lose their charm or loveliness over time. These handmade creations will certainly leave an indelible mark on your space as they have been doing so for centuries!

How do you clean an Aubusson rug?

An Aubusson rug is a piece of art in your home that you're likely to spend a lot of time admiring. They're also on display for everyone who visits your home, making them more susceptible to stains and damage. But if you don't care for an Aubusson rug properly, its quality can rapidly deteriorate over time. Here are some tips for Aubusson rug cleaning. If you spot something on your Aubusson rug, it's best to try and clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could set into the fibers of your carpet or leave behind a stain.

The best way to tell whether or not your carpet needs cleaning is by using touch. Run your hand across different areas of your carpet; any area that feels rough or sticky should be cleaned immediately. Also, look out for discoloration; dark spots might indicate an old stain that has set into your carpeting. Don't let these things go too long without cleaning, as they will only worsen over time. To remove most stains from your Aubusson rug, mix a small amount of water with some dish soap and apply it directly to the affected area. Rub gently with a sponge or cloth until most of the stain has been removed. Repeat until all traces disappear.

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