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We can custom make any rug, kilim, patchwork or pile rug to meet your color and size requirements. All our rugs are hand-woven by our skilled weavers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. For interior decorators we meet their requirements with non-traditional / unusual color combinations and designs.

"We take as little as 20 days depending on the size and design you choose. Contact Us today for quote"

     ALRUG offers Custom Order Rugs facility for our valued customers. If you like a carpet design on our website and want it made in a specific size or quantity, we can produce them from scratch for you. Please mention the Carpet No. you like on our website in your inquiry to get a quote. You can also send us your own carpet design through email.

     Our Carpets and Rugs are durable, color fast, finely woven and famous for their resilience, softness, exquisite workmanship and novel designs. On every stage of production from plot, dye, weave, shearing to washing, clipping and finishing, we keenly observe the activity to ensure the highest quality of product.

    Different people have different likes and dislikes and with different tastes come new possibilities. Despite our wide variety of various kinds of rugs you may feel the need to create a custom rug specifically tailored to meet your desired requirements. 

    At ALRUG, we will be delighted to create custom rugs for you so that you get to have exactly what you were looking for, for your home. Whether you are looking for a rug to tie the interior of your home together or you are looking to add warmth and coziness to your place we can assure you that ALRUG will be able to custom make that perfect rug for your home.
    Custom made rugs are a great way to have your personality reflected by your home as incorporating your style in the interior of your home is very important to make your home feel like it belongs to you. Our design team will always be at your service to help you turn your desires into reality. All you have to do is talk to us about your ideas for the customized rug design. We like to challenge our skills with every single custom area rug that we design and we will work with you from the start till the very end to ensure that every tiny detail of the rug is right according to what you wanted.

    A rug is essential to make a room welcoming and complete. Getting the right rug can introduce comfort and extravagance to a space, especially if the quality hasn’t been compromised. While getting a rug custom made, special attention should be given to its design as rugs aren’t like your throw pillows or curtains, and replacing them is tough which is why you should come up with a design that will be timeless for your home. You should think of the purpose the rug that it will serve in the room before you convey its specifications and requirements to our design team.
    Do you want it to really stand out in your space or do you want its color to blend into the room, giving a sophisticated look overall? These are the things that you should understand before getting a rug custom made. You can also consult our dedicated team to help you figure out which size and design will complement your space the most and we’re pretty confident that you will be able to find out the answer.

    Putting this custom made area rug in your home will help you define your space. You can divide your space into separate sections with the help of these custom sized area rugs. You will be amazed by the elegance it adds to your home decor. You can change your rugs with every season to keep the interior of your home updated with every passing trend.

    Our custom rugs can also make any small room in your home feel bigger. By adding a large custom size area rug you can give your room the illusion of a larger and a wider space. They also give you a chance to make sure that the color combinations and the “Feng Shui” dynamics of your home is as perfect as it can be.

    There are so many colors, patterns and fabrics to work with and we can customize the area rug to match any color, pattern and fabric that you ask for. Intricate designs can be woven to fit your requirements and a rug can also be perfectly tailored to be placed wall to wall in a room.

    After requirements for the custom rug have been received by our design team, you will be provided with a rendering to make sure that it works for you. A woven sample can also be given to you to give you an idea of how the colors and patterns will look on your completed area rug.

    For a custom area rug to really stand out, while crafting it, it is really important to give attention to every tiny detail, something which we are very well known for.

    With over thousands of colors, fabrics and shapes to choose from, as well as an extremely talented ALRUG design team there to guide you and help you, getting the rug of your dreams has never been easier. We will be very dedicated throughout the process towards making the perfect rug for you.

    No matter whether you have a comprehensive detail or just a brief outline of your design, ALRUG will give you a rug that has a high standard of craftsmanship. We make your dreams come true. So let your imagination run wild, for, we will be there to give your creative ideas life and help beautify your house.