Care and Use of Oriental Rugs and Carpets

Care and use of Oriental Rugs and Carpets

  • Carpets in a house help to reduce noise levels and minimize heat loss through the floor. They are also more comfortable to lie on or to sit on than a hard wooden floor.
  • Carpets are harder to clean than bare floors, spilled drinks may stain them, and they tend to collect fur from family pets. They should be vacuumed regularly in order to prevent the accumulation of dust.
  • Dust mites can survive very well in carpets, which can be problematic for sufferers of asthma who are allergic to them.
  • When using your Oriental rugs are on the floor, use carpet cushions (pads). There is no question that a carpet pad prolongs the life of your Oriental rug or Kilim. In most cases, the best is plastic foam that will not migrate color to the rug or to the floor and will offer good wear protection. Do not use a rubber, jute or waffle pad.
  • Flip the rugs over periodically so there will be even distribution of fading and wear on both sides.
  • Have your Oriental rugs and other wool area rugs treated for moths, carpet beetles and destructive insects. Inspect the rugs periodically for insect damage.
  • Vacuum your rug moderately using a vacuum without the "beater bar."
  • Clean spills immediately. The quicker the cleanup, the less likely that your rug will sustain permanent staining.
  • House train your dog or cat. Urine stains usually cannot be removed and the pets can do a great amount of damage by chewing your treasured weaving.
  • Do not allow the rugs to get wet. If they do get wet, make sure that they dry in the shortest possible time. A "wet vacuum" and a fan can help.
  • Do not allow any prolonged moisture to penetrate the rug. An example would be a flower pot set on the rug, thereby causing dry rot or mildew damage.
  • Have your rugs cleaned when noticeably dirty and only by a specialist with a thorough knowledge of Oriental and other area rugs and carpets. Do not have the Oriental rugs or carpets "dry‐cleaned", "steam cleaned" or cleaned by any automated means.
  • Have any fraying tears or other damage repaired immediately. If a torn or damaged area is allowed to continue fraying, it can greatly decrease the beauty and value of your rug. Remember that quality restoration can save many dollars in future repair costs and also serves to retain the beauty and value of your oriental rug.