How to Choose a Modern Abstract Rug for Your Space

Searching for the perfect rug to fill a specific space in your home can be hard to know where to even begin looking. However, modern abstract rugs can look great in almost any room, especially if you know how to choose one that complements your particular space and style. In this guide, we'll show you how to easily narrow your search and choose the perfect modern abstract rug for your home or office space.

1. Size matters

How do you choose the right size rug? Before anything else, measure your space. If you have an area rug that's too big, it can make your space feel cold and uninviting. Too small, and it can feel crowded. Here's how to choose a modern abstract rug of any size. An average-sized living room is about 12 feet by 15 feet, with 8 feet being ideal for an entryway or bedroom. For a dining room, go with 8 feet by 10 feet; 8' x 11' is fine if you use chairs with higher seats (you'll want more space under each chair).

You can place a modern abstract blue rug in front of a sofa that will typically be 4-6 inches shorter than the length of that sofa; 6 inches is ideal when placing an area rug behind a couch. However, if you're using chairs instead of sofas, consider making your modern abstract rug slightly longer than those chairs. If they extend beyond its edges, they'll visually extend into (and out of) your room.

2. Think about texture and colour

If you love the texture, consider texture and colour when choosing your modern abstract rugs. The colours and textures should go together like colours in a painting - complementing each other. Many art pieces have different colours but work together because they create something new, interesting, and beautiful as part of an overall design. The same is true with your modern abstract rug choices. You can choose two or three colours that are similar or complementary, or you can choose one main colour with smaller accents. It's up to you! And if you're looking for modern rugs, Alrug has many options. Our online shop makes it easy to find exactly what you want at a great price. Just search modern rug or abstract rug and start shopping!

3. A modern Abstract rug can make a bold statement

The key to choosing modern abstract area rugs is realizing how big of a statement they will make in your space. Just like any other piece of art, you want it to compliment your room's colour scheme and overall design aesthetic. Start by picking out colours that match or complement your wall colours. Next, note how big of a statement you want to make with your rug. The larger area rugs typically make bolder statements than smaller ones, so choose accordingly. Finally, think about what material you would like your modern abstract rug to be made from. Wool tends to be more expensive and durable than synthetic materials such as polypropylene. It's worth noting that wool can also stain easily, especially if it gets wet. Therefore, keep that in mind when considering its use in high-traffic areas. Regardless of which material you decide on, vacuum regularly to prevent dust buildup.

4. Keep it simple

Why choose modern abstract art? Well, that's quite simple: because it's bold and beautiful. And what room doesn't benefit from either of those traits? You see, when you go with something like a modern rug abstract (and trust us, you do want to do just that), you're opening yourself up to an array of options. An arrangement of stunning shapes, in stunning colours, and all set against a blank canvas (or wall). So your choices are limitless. Whether it's stripes or circles or both you want - there are options. And don't let something like lack of colour keep you away either. Modern abstract rug design has changed things up, especially if you consider modern abstract blue rug designs. Blue is still a favourite choice among many interior designers and decorators, but even more so now than ever. It can be used as part of any colour scheme too!

5. Mix patterns with caution

Modern abstract geometric rugs make bold statements and can be quite colourful. But they are much more likely to clash with furniture or an overall colour scheme. To avoid a design mishap, opt for something more understated in terms of colour and pattern. A great way to do so is by pairing a modern abstract rug with another one that has subtle patterns or colour blocking. As long as you select complementary colours, you'll be able to add some character without it being too overbearing. For example, pair a turquoise blue modern abstract area rug with an orange striped version and keep everything else neutral. This will give your space some colour while still keeping things relatively simple.

In addition to complementing each other, modern abstract rugs also look best when placed on top of clean lines like hardwood floors or tile rather than carpeting. Since most modern rugs feature bold designs, they can sometimes overpower other features in a room, such as textiles or accessories. The rug look works best here since it gives you more freedom to experiment with other items like pillows or vases without worrying about things looking too busy. When decorating your home, remember that mixing patterns isn't always better, and save it for when you need it!

6. Focus on quality over quantity

When shopping for a modern rug, you'll want to look for quality over quantity. A high-quality karma modern abstract grey ivory rug can often cost more upfront but is likely more durable and better made - meaning it will last longer and require less maintenance down the road. This is especially important with an abstract rug, as patterned rugs are prone to running or fading due to excessive foot traffic. Also, most of these rugs tend not to be reversible, so you want your investment piece of art/decor in your space to stand out. If you're looking for some new modern decor pieces for your home, consider adding a modern abstract rug! They help tie together a room and add interest without being too overwhelming.

7. Shop Abstract Rug at different stores and compare prices

Online shopping can help you find a modern abstract rug at an affordable price. For example, if you're looking to purchase an abstract rug, shop it online and compare prices at different stores. If you do your research, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find what you want without paying full price. The chances are that somebody else has bought it. It never hurts to ask if they have another in stock or if they'd be willing to sell it on consignment or discounted. You'll also see how different designs and brands look in person before deciding which is right for your space. Plus, with so many online options, shipping costs should be minimal. Don't worry; Alrug offers free shipping! So, when you buy from us, we'll cover all your expenses, including free delivery. Shop now!