How to Choose the Perfect Overdyed Rugs for Your Home

Overdyed rugs are gorgeous and highly sought after because of their one-of-a-kind nature and the depth of colors they come in. Plus, the durability of these rugs makes them perfect for high-traffic areas and homes with pets. If you're looking to update your home with new furniture or add on some extra flair to your living room, these tips will help you find the perfect overdyed rug to do it with!

Beautiful Texture

When a rug is dyed, some of that dye bleeds through to another part of the rug. This can add wonderful texture and color variations to a rug. When choosing an overdyed area rug, consider one with at least two different colors. You'll love how it breaks up your room and adds depth. If you're looking for something bolder, try out a rug with multiple shades of just one color. These will make your space pop! And if you want something subtle, go for something with only slight variances between tones. These will give you great texture without overpowering or drawing too much attention to themselves. You may even get away with pairing them with lighter furniture pieces or walls. So overdyed rugs blend into their surroundings even more than usual.

Size of your rug

It is not just about how beautiful your rug looks but how it fits into your space. Everyone wants an overdyed rug that can fit in your room and accentuate rather than overpower. The size of an overdyed area rug should be proportionate to the size of a room, living or bedroom. A 6x9' area rug is just right for a dining or living room, while smaller runners are great if you want something under a bed or couch to soften any hard surface. Before buying overdyed rugs, measure where you would like them placed if they will stay in one place, and ensure there is adequate space around it so that furniture can move easily about without running into anything. You also need to consider traffic flow when choosing a rug, ensuring enough room for people to walk comfortably on all sides of it.

Style and Patterns

When you walk into a home, one of your first impressions will likely be about its color scheme. The colors and patterns used throughout a home are what immediately put it into a category: minimalist, rustic, or bright. But color isn't everything when decorating a room; rugs can also play an important role in setting that tone. The key is choosing the right-overdyed Persian rug that fits your room's overall style and pattern. Choosing overdyed rugs gives you more options in terms of pattern and color than ever before. This makes them perfect for any space looking for pops of vibrant color or subtle contrast. They also come in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. So there's something for every taste.

Type of fibers

As you read through overdyed rugs reviews, there are several things that you should look out for. First, a good quality carpet has wool and silk fibers woven together into one unit. Wool gives it a soft feel, while silk makes it durable. Alternatively, synthetic fibers are cheaper and more prone to wear and tear. If you want an area rug that will last for years, go with 100% natural fibers. But synthetic is your best bet if you want something affordable and disposable. Whatever your choice is, check how much material used in making each square meter of the carpet before purchasing. A higher density means better quality and durability. In addition, vintage overdyed rugs usually have a lower density than other rugs. For example, these rugs may have 50 knots per square inch, while machine-made ones may have 70 knots per square inch.

Price point

With hundreds of overdyed rugs available at price points from inexpensive to super high-end, there's an option for everyone. While higher-end rugs may cost a little more, they will last much longer and usually feature intricate designs that look better as they age. Cheaper options work great if you have a high-traffic area or use it in a rental property. Because often, Persian overdyed vintage rugs can take some abuse before showing signs of wear. There is no rule on how long an overdyed rug will last, every rug is different, and every owner has different expectations, so it comes down to personal preference. Don't worry; Alrug offers every type of rug, including handmade Persian overdyed vintage rugs. So, don't hesitate to contact us whether you want something with lots of colors or a neutral design! Our team would be happy to help you out.


You need to consider several things when buying an overdyed runner rug. Including how it will look in your space, what type of fibers are used in its construction, and if it's tightly woven. One thing matters more than all others when deciding on an overdyed rug. And that is durability. No matter how great a rug looks or feels if it can't hold up under wear and tear – or perhaps even your own two feet- you've made a poor investment.

Choose overdyed rugs with strong stitching, a dense weave, and attractive colors (but nothing too bold) for something that will serve you well long into the future. Also, read reviews from other customers before making a purchase. They offer feedback on how durable a specific product is and provide insight into how much weight it can handle and whether it sheds or not.

Maintenance and Care

Just like with any other type of rug, overdyed rugs require a little maintenance and care to maintain their beauty. Since these rugs are made of synthetic materials, they are easily washed weekly. When cleaning an overdyed rug, you must use slightly warm water rather than cold because cold water will cause shrinking or buckling in your rug. Be sure not to scrub too hard; brush gently instead. Rinsing thoroughly is also important so no soap residue is left behind, which may discolor your rug.

If your rug does get stained. You can clean it using a small amount of bleach mixed with warm water. Never leave the bleach on your rug unattended, as it could cause fading or damage if left for too long. If your overdyed area rug wet from something spilled (like coffee), blot up as much liquid as possible before placing paper towels underneath to soak up the remaining moisture. Repeat the blotting process if some liquid remains after about 30 minutes until paper towels have absorbed all moisture. Never place hot objects directly onto your area rug as it could damage its fibers and coloration! Instead, place hot items onto a towel, then place them onto the area rug once they have cooled down enough.