How to Clean a Wool Rug

Wool Rugs Maintenance

The following are instructions for maintaining your rug:

  • Vacuum regularly; at least once a week. You should empty vacuum bag when half full.
  • Wet clean as required; generally, not more than once every two years, preferably by a professional carpet cleaner.
  • Cope with stains immediately. Move quickly. The sooner the stain is properly treated, the less the chance of permanent damage.

Techniques on cleaning stains:

  • Blot up excess moisture. DO NOT RUB.
  • Apply antidote from the following list with a clean cloth, working from edges to center. DO NOT SOAK.
  • Blot up excess antidote with clean dry cloth. Dry with fan or hair dryer.
  • Restore direction of pile with a soft brush.


Acids                                       Detergent / Vinegar

Alcoholic Beverages              Detergent / Vinegar / Cleaning Solvent

Bleach                                     Detergent / Vinegar

Blood                                       Detergent / Vinegar / Starch Paste

Butter                                      Cleaning Solvent

Candle Wax / Crayon            Absorbent Paper and Warm Iron

Chewing Gum                        Freeze with Ice / Scrape / Solvent

Chocolate                                Detergent / Vinegar / Cleaning Solvent

Coffee                                     Glycerin

Cola / Soft Drink                    Warm Water / Detergent

Cosmetics                               Detergent / Vinegar / Cleaning Solvent

Cooking Oil                            Cleaning Solvent / Detergent

Egg                                          Detergent

Fruit Juices                             Cold Water / Detergent

Furniture Polish                      Cleaning Solvent / Detergent / Ammonia

Gravy / Sauces                      Warm Water / Detergent

Grease / Oil                            Cleaning Solvent / Detergent

Ice Cream / Milk                    Warm Water / Solvent / Detergent

Ink (Ball Point)                        Cleaning Solvent / Alcohol / Detergent

Iodine                                       Alcohol

Mildew                                     Call a reputable cleaner

Mud                                         Detergent

Nail Polish                               Clear Polish Remover / Cleaning Solvent

Paint (Latex)                           Detergent / Ammonia / Cleaning Solvent

Paint (Oil)                               Alcohol / Cleaning Solvent / Detergent

Rust                                         Solvent / Detergent / Rust Remover

Salad Dressing                       Detergent / Cleaning Solvent

Shoe Polish                            Cleaning Solvent / Detergent

Tar                                           Cleaning Solvent

Tea                                          Cold Water / Detergent / Solvent

Urine                                       Detergent / Vinegar

Vomit                                       Detergent / Vinegar / Cleaning Solvent

Wine                                        Absorbent Powder / Cold Water / Detergent

Detergent Solution: One teaspoon clear dish washing soap in one cup warm water.
Ammonia Solution: One tablespoon clear ammonia in 1/2 cup water.
Vinegar Solution: 1/3 cup white vinegar in 2/3 cup water.
Solvent: A dry‐cleaning solvent (available at hardware and grocery stores)