How to identify Tabriz rugs – Different types & Things to consider before buying it

A Tabriz rugs is one of the type of general category of Persian carpets. The patterns on Tabriz rugs are similar as compared to Persian carpets. These rugs have most diverse patterns and designs from medallion, pictorial and even 3-d shaped rugs.

The major producers of amazing Tabriz rugs are: Miri brothers, Alabaf of Tabriz and Galibafi Nassadji Tabriz.

Tabriz rugs patterns are different. It comes with different simple and complex patterns as well. The carpet making process of Tabriz carpets and rugs are passing from one generation to another. The basic pattern that Tabriz rug creators are following is the ornamental patterns that are blend with different dominant colors i.e. navy blue, red and cream.

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Tabriz rugs are made up of wool. Wool rugs are comfortable, warm and its texture provide fine look to your living place. Tabriz rugs are said to be one of the finest and expensive Persian rugs. The patters and designs and the quality of a rug matters a lot.
The main reason of Persian rugs to be expensive is that it took months and even years to made one carpet. Fine silk and cotton is used in making a Tabriz rugs. They are super high in quality and also durable for ages.

Facts about Tabriz Rugs

 Type Tabriz is a type of Persian rugs
Characteristics High knot density, middle medallion and floral patterns
Typical Knot Density  120.000-1.000.000 knots/sqm

Tabriz rugs


Why Tabriz rugs are expensive?

Tabriz rugs are expensive as compared to other rugs and the reason is their fine quality and the man power and time took for making it. Some Tabriz rugs need years for making only one rug. All Tabriz rugs are hand-made. Though many provide machine work Tabriz rugs but they are not real ones.
You can check the quality of Tabriz rugs by the number of characteristics that includes its size, quality, age and where it was woven. Typical knot density of a Tabriz rug is 120.000-1.000.000 knots/sqm.
The categorization in the rugs of Tabriz refers to the knot density per square metre, and thus it gives an indication of the quality of rug. The finest Tabriz rugs have millions of knots and they are known as 90Raj. Simple Tabriz rugs have a density of 400,000-500,000 knots (40Raj).

Knots on 7cm (2.66 in)

40 knots 

40 raj, equivalent to about 300,000 knots per m2 (27,871 knots per square feet)

50 knots

50 raj, equivalent to about 500,000 knots per m2 (46,452 knots per square feet)

60 knots

60 raj, equivalent to about 750,000 knots per m2 (69,677 knots per square feet)

70 knots 

70 raj, equivalent to about 1,000,000 knots per m2 (92,093 knots per square feet)

80 knots 

80 raj, equivalent to about 1,300,000 knots per m2 (120,774 knots per square feet)

In past time, Tabriz carpets and rugs required much time but thanks to advance current weaving technology.

How to identify Tabriz rugs?

Now many of you are wondering, how we can identify an original Tabriz rugs. I am here to provide every answer to your question related to antique Tabriz rugs. Some of the points that should be kept in mind to identify Tabriz Persian rugs are:
  • Tabriz carpets are usually created with trimmed piles. Trimmed piles gives a lighter feel to the rugs.
  • You can see an extraordinary precision and regularity of weave that is due to small metal hook that is used in tying the knots of rugs.
  • Tabriz rugs are also famous for wide color collections. You can easily get some cool and vibrant colors in Tabriz rugs.
  • The weavers of Tabriz rugs use Turkish knots instead of Persian knot.

Tabriz rugs


Points to be kept in mind before buying Tabriz Rugs

If you are ready to buy an area rug for your room. I am here to share some amazing tips with you. By following these tips, you will get best area rugs.


Tabriz rugs are expensive in price and also very delicate. If you want to buy Tabriz rugs for living than make sure about the traffic. As these rugs are especially for the places with low traffic. I recommend to buy Tabriz rugs only for the drawing room areas that are less in use.

Size & Shape

Make sure to have all proper measurements of tabriz rug, so you can get the exact size of rug. After the size, what matters the most is the shape. Do check out different ideas of area rug shapes for different places. So, you can get the best for your own self.


Tabriz rugs are wool based rugs. They look delicate but not easy to wash at home. Make sure to keep this in mind that it’s cleaning need special care. Consider high quality brand rugs.
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