Persian Sultanabad Rugs - Why They are So Trendy

One of the most popular rugs right now is Persian Sultanabad rugs. This type of rug has been crafted using traditional techniques ever since. The sultanabad rug has become so popular over the last few years because they're beautiful, durable, and stands out in any room.

In addition, Sultanabad rugs feature some of the most intricate patterns on earth. This makes them an obvious choice for those who appreciate beautiful things and who want to make sure their home decor remains fashionable for years to come. Whether you're interested in living room rugs or area rugs, oval rugs, or round rugs. Let's talk about why these Persian rugs are so trendy today!

What is a Sultanabad Rug?

A Persian sultanabad rug is a beautiful antique oriental carpet designed with floral patterns and colors. It was a very popular Persian rug that can still seen in classic Persian designs today. These rugs were also famous as Isfahan or Old Rug. Because they produce in cities such as Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz (in Iran) as well as Kerman (in Iran), Nishapur, Khiva, Samarqand, and Baku (in Russia). The name of these rugs comes from the fact that their pattern resembles those seen on precious stones used for sultans' jewelry during that period. In short, sultanabad rugs consider to be antique rugs. But still, many people love them because of their great quality design and durability. This makes them a perfect choice for decorating any room in your home.

The History of Sultanabad Rugs

Sultanabad rugs were traditionally handmade by nomadic tribes who use a special three-ply yarn. The name Sultanabad is said to have originated from an ancient town called Isfahan in Persia (modern-day Iran). Where these handmade rugs were first produced during the Safavid era. The breed of sheep that produces wool for these rugs is Kerman and resembles Cormo sheep but is a smaller variety. Instead of large symmetrical knots, small knots cluster together to form geometric patterns on these colorful handmade carpets.

Sultanabad Rugs


These Persian sultanabad rugs often referr to as antique sultanabad rugs. Because they have a history dating back hundreds of years. Because these Persian sultanabad rugs were originally made by nomads. Their designs vary slightly from region to region and even within each region. It depends on what tribe or family was making them. These days you can find traditional sultanabad rugs in many modern homes thanks to their popularity over recent years due to their unique design and durability.

The design behind it

Persian rugs have a unique look and texture that you cannot get with any other type of rug. Originally, antique sultanabad Persian rugs were famous as Madder rugs. However, the most popular style in today's market is Sultanabad or Sultan. These rugs are famous for their intricate patterns, contrasting colors, and bold designs that utilize various sizes of Kufic script (an early form of Arabic calligraphy) to provide high contrast borders between one color to another. This makes them a visually appealing style that looks great in any home decor setting.

Another reason why these antique sultanabad rugs are so trendy is that they are extremely durable. They can use anywhere from your living room to your bedroom without worrying about damaging it. The only problem you may encounter with these antique rugs is keeping them clean. But even then, it should not be too difficult if you can take care of them by regularly vacuuming and washing them.

The Materials used to make Sultanabad Rugs

During the 16th and 17th-century, sultanabad wool rugs were popular as they were amongst many people since they were easy to make with simple tools like wool. The problem is that they used no dye or finish on these rugs, which over time became exposed, causing discoloration or fading. Nowadays, sultanabad rugs have a coating of natural wax that protects them against water, UV rays, and even insects. With advancements in technology and the development of new methods, creating an antique sultanabad rug has become easier than earlier. Therefore, people prefer the antique sultanabad rug over any other rug due to its versatility and elegant look. You can choose from various patterns available for your desired decor style. They are available at Alrug in all sizes from 4 x 6 inches to 9 x 12 feet, and suit every interior décor style, whether traditional, contemporary, or minimalist.

What makes Sultanabad Rugs unique

The word sultan in Persian comes from a word that means kings. Abad is another Persian word that means both court or palace and world or earth. As a result, many people believe that such rugs resemble an artistic depiction of an entire world. This unique design element also makes sultanabad rugs and carpets perfect for use as wall hangings since their designs cover every inch of space without an exact beginning or end. Another common way of using them is to roll them up on your bed. However, some people have even taken it upon themselves to use them in their bathrooms. The color palette found on most Sultanabad rugs uses deep reds, black, and gold, shades derived from centuries-old Iranian art forms and designs.

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Benefits of buying Sultanabad Rugs

Traditional sultanabad rugs can last a long time, depending on how you care for them. You vacuum them regularly to remove any loose fibers or grit. Having runners underneath your area rugs will also prevent them from sliding around on your floor and wear and tear and protect against scratches. In contrast, it is okay to step on your area rug with shoes. But It is not best to drag furniture across its surface for a long period. These actions may cause damage over time, which will shorten its life span.

Be sure to use coasters under your drinks when placing them on an area rug, as liquids tend to stain certain types of carpets. You should clean up stains immediately by blotting with paper towels or something similar, then wiping gently with water if necessary. Be sure not to rub too hard to avoid pushing stains further into carpet fibers. This can result in permanent staining or discoloration and a much higher cost for professional cleaning later.

Sultanabad Rugs


How long do these rugs last?

These beautiful rugs, made of silk and wool, can last for decades with minimal care. These rugs intend to use as functional floor coverings in public places like homes or mosques for much of their existence. In contrast, the sultanabad rug can use as wall hangings too. Because it is best to move them every six months to ensure that creases do not develop in them. When cleaning a sultanabad rug, you must be careful to clean only when dry. To clean a wet sultanabad rug could cause irreparable damage because of its delicate nature. A professional cleaning service is best to handle your sultanabad rug.

It is also important to note that different Persian rugs differ in color and design, but all have very similar characteristics. The major difference between these rugs is their density, defining how tightly woven it is. Higher density means a tighter weave, which means a more durable rug with less shedding. Lower density means more space between each thread, which results in more shedding over time. In conclusion, if you want to purchase a new sultanabad rug for your home or office. You should do some research first on what will work best for you. Not only will it save you money. But it will also ensure that you purchase something that will last for years to come.