The Beauty of Bakhtiar Rugs - Tips to Enhance Your Floor

Who could resist the beauty of beautiful Bakhtiar rugs? Bakhtiar rugs add to the beauty of your flooring, transforming your space and welcoming you home. However, if you're considering adding one to your decorating plan, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind. It may seem daunting, but with the right tips and advice, you can easily choose the perfect Bakhtiar rug for your floor that fits both your style and budget.

Do your research

When choosing a Bakhtiar rug, it is good to do some research first. There are many different types and styles that you can choose from. It is a good idea to take your time when choosing to find exactly what you are looking for. There are many different options available, including custom sizes and designs and various colours, patterns, and quality options. You should make sure that you know exactly what type of design or pattern you want before you begin shopping for Bakhtiar rugs.

You will also need to consider how much money you have to spend on a new rug. This will help narrow down your choices considerably. Try to see rugs in person before purchasing one online. This way, you can understand how they look in person and decide if they would be right for your home or office space. You should also think about how much traffic your room gets before deciding which type of rug would be best suited there.

Consider the best rug

Bright, unusual patterns; colour combinations and arrangements that are anything but run-of-the-mill; fine materials such as silk, wool and leather – elements that provide a stunning focal point. As discussed before, a Bakhtiar oriental rug offers more than just a pretty face. The softness underfoot makes your eyes happy and makes your feet feel good. Those who can appreciate these subtle factors will naturally gravitate towards Bakhtiar rugs for their flooring needs.

Aesthetics aside, durability is another important factor to consider when choosing Bakhtiar handmade rugs. These rugs are made with hand-spun wool and other high-quality materials, which are meant to last. If you're looking for an investment piece that will stay beautiful throughout its lifetime, you should consider purchasing one of these exquisite works of art.

Bakhtiar Rug


Choose the colour you like best

If you chose a specific colour for your walls, keep that in mind when choosing a rug. If you don't like how certain colours to pair together, avoid them at all costs. The beauty of rugs is that they come in so many different styles and hues. Take advantage of it! For example, choose a Bakhtiar rug with red or orange undertones if you have blue walls. They'll look great together because those are complementary colours on the colour wheel (opposite each other). You can also use an analogous palette (colours next to each other on the wheel) by choosing a Bakhtiar area rug with yellow or green tones. Experiment with various shades and see what works best for your space!

Go all out on a design piece

Bakhtiar Persian rugs are a great way to change your design look without making sweeping changes. Put a rug in any room, and it'll enhance your décor. If you are considering redecorating, consider using a beautiful Bakhtiar rug as part of your new home's design plan. These rugs will fit into almost any style, and you can add or remove them easily should you need more space or wish for a different look. They also provide comfort underfoot while making a statement that is all their own. Bakhtiar rugs are available in many sizes and colours, so there is something for everyone. Check out Alrug online store today!

Coordinate with what you already have

Your investment in a bakhtiar rug should extend beyond just what it costs you and how long it will last. When choosing an area rug, consider which features and characteristics you like about your existing decor. If your floors are already hardwood or marble, a wool handmade Bakhtiar rug could complement them perfectly. You can also coordinate with your curtains and other furniture by choosing a colour already present in your room. This technique is especially effective when going for a more bold pattern; using one less common shade may make your Bakhtiar handmade rug stand out.

It's important to remember that these rugs aren't designed for walls—the colours tend to be too vibrant—but they do look great on wooden flooring. Many people choose Bakhtiar rugs because they want their wood flooring to pop. If you have carpeted floors, we recommend either opting for a muted design or placing your new Bakhtiar oriental rug over an area rug so it doesn't compete with your wall colours. The latter option is particularly nice if you're trying to match a specific part of your home décor (for example: matching up living room furniture).

Bakhtiar Rugs


Think about how it will age

While they're beautiful and will enhance your floor, it is important to think about how long you'll have a rug before purchasing. A good rule of thumb: If you buy a high-quality rug, plan on keeping it for 20 years or more. In that time, your rug will be stained (pet accidents, spills), fad (sunlight), and worn (traffic). As with any investment in luxury goods, there is an element of risk involved in purchasing a handmade Bakhtiar rug. To avoid buyer's remorse later on down the road when you can't return it to its original state. And try to picture what kind of wear and tear your new home decor might endure over time. Also, keep track of where rugs are placed in your home; sunlight fades dyes over time.

Know how to take care of it

When it comes to Bakhtiar rugs, each type requires certain care. Whether you have a Bakhtiar rug or any ordinary rug, taking good care of it is essential. Some tips can help you maintain your rug for years and years. These tips include: Vacuuming your rug regularly: Once every week is enough to vacuum your rugs, but if there are too many people using it, you should vacuum it once every day. This will keep your area clean and prevent dust from accumulating on your Bakhtiar rugs. If possible, use an upright vacuum cleaner instead of a canister vacuum cleaner as they cause less wear and tear on your carpets than canister ones do.

Be careful while vacuuming, though, because powerful vacuum cleaners can sometimes damage your rugs by pulling out their threads. Cleaning spills right away: Any liquid spillage must be cleaned immediately so that stains don't set in and make cleaning more difficult later. Do not let water sit on your carpet for long periods either because it may seep into its backing material and cause discolouration or mould growth. Always dry up spills with a towel before cleaning them up with soap and water.