Bidjar Rug: A Treasure Trove of History and Beauty

Bidjar rugs are the most intricate, elegant, and beautiful Persian rugs available today. A Bidjar rug is an exquisite piece of functional art that deserves to be on display in any room of your home or office, both because of its beauty and history. Bidjar rugs originate from the far northwestern region of Iran. So they are truly a treasure trove of history and tradition. If you want to add to your home decor with a beautiful new piece of art that serves as a family heirloom, bidjar rugs are perfect!

What is a Bidjar rug?

Oriental carpets have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Oriental carpets were not woven with looms like modern rugs are. Instead, they were made by knotting threads individually. That makes the bidjar rug among some of the oldest rugs in existence. Many Bidjar rugs are beautifully complex, with intricate designs featuring everything from interlocking knots to calligraphy. These older rugs are very valuable. Antique bidjar rugs tend to be more expensive than new ones. Because people often prefer these older, more traditional pieces that remind them of their cultural heritage. Bidjar oriental rugs are a treasure trove of history and beauty for collectors. They're also excellent investments—the most valuable Bidjar rug sells for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Bidjar Rug


The origins of the Bidjar rug design

The earliest Bidjar rugs are thought to produce in western Iran in a region known as Birjand. If you're looking for an antique bidjar rug, it's helpful to learn how to recognize them. A traditional bidjar design comprises two parts: a large, circular medallion pattern after Mughal or Persian carpets and an intricate fringe that frames each side of the rug. Traditionally, Bidjar Persian rugs have been made from wool dyed in warm reds, browns, yellows, or greens.

Each rug has its unique pattern that combines these hues into something entirely new—with complex floral motifs drawn with precision and mathematical symmetry. In some regions, Bidjar rugs weave on looms; in others, they were handmade. These antique Oriental rugs are works of art. It means this rug admire for generations to come. They are still produced but have become increasingly rare due to their high quality and craftsmanship.

A symbol of Tradition, Culture and Religion

These unique antique bidjar rugs amalgamate all these colours, symbols, traditions and religions. The rug is a masterpiece because it portrays a vivid picture with colours that glisten like gold. The different shades of red in these rugs make them breathtakingly beautiful to view. Many people believe no one can own them unless they go through a long process. Not every person can afford a bidjar rug, especially if they wish to get an antique one. But don't worry, Alrug offers you high quality but affordable bidjar oriental rugs. You will mesmerize by its beauty and elegance once you have purchased your own Persian Bidjar Rug.

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What makes the Bidjar rug special?

In a word, it is special because it is one of a kind. Bidjar rugs are so special that every Bidjar rug is unique. Bidjar rug making has been passed down from generation to generation in a family business environment for over many years. This means that each piece produces using traditional methods. These pieces are handmade and ensuring that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Even if they create on opposite sides of the world by people who have never met each other.

Bidjar Area Rug


As you can imagine, with such an extensive history and tradition behind them. Bidjar rugs treasure heirlooms and beautiful additions to any home or office space. They also make great conversation starters! Therefore, whether you're looking for something to make your house feel more like a home or want something nice to look at. We're sure that there's a Bidjar rug out there for you.

The different styles

Ghiordes, Herati, Kashan, Kerman, Sarouk. Bijar rugs come in different styles and designs. Persian carpets are among the oldest famous types of weave textiles. Bidjar rugs have also gained popularity in recent years because they come in different styles. These beautiful Oriental rugs are famous for their delicate designs with geometric patterns that depict various animals like lions, camels, leopards etc. There is a wide variety of colours available to create these masterpieces, including reds, blues, greens and yellows, to produce vibrant patterns on these indo bidjar rugs. This gives them an aesthetic appeal that gives them an aesthetic appeal can admire by all who lay eyes on them.

The qualities of the Bidjar rug

Bidjar rugs are famous for their fine craftsmanship, vivid colours, and intricate designs. Each piece is a unique work of art that combines Persian heritage with modern design to create a stunning visual experience that will brighten any room in your home. The qualities of the bidjar Persian rug also include its durability. These handmade pieces have been famous to last hundreds of years! Due to its sturdy construction, you can enjoy it for many years without worrying about damage or wear and tear.

Plus, bidjar rugs make with durable materials like wool and silk that won't break down over time. And if you need something more practical than pretty. Then don't worry bidjar rugs come in different sizes and styles to fit your space perfectly. You can find one that fits both your style and your needs! If you're looking for a new addition to your home decor, we recommend adding an oriental rug from the Alrug collection.

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Buy your Bidjar rug from Alrug!

Here at Alrug Rugs, we take pride in our bidjar rugs, an iconic piece of history. Our bidjars are made with centuries-old techniques that still use hand-spun wool thread. When you purchase a bidjar from us, you're not only buying a rug that's durable and beautiful—you're buying a piece of art that has been around for thousands of years. Browse our collection to find your next favourite. If you have any questions about these beautiful rugs or anything else, don't hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from our customers.