Common Rug Sizes – Which one is the Right Size for your Space?

A rug can make or break the design of your living room, bedroom, or other areas in your home. A rug that’s too small or too big won’t do its job properly, which is to add color and comfort to your home décor. But it can be tough to determine the best rug size for any given room, especially if you haven't bought one before!

To help you decide, we put together this guide on common rug sizes, explaining what they are, how they can alter a room’s look, and how to measure an area to determine which rug size will go there perfectly.

What are the common rug sizes?

While many people might initially imagine that they can just pick any random size and it will be perfect, that's unfortunately not true for rugs. That's because rug sizing has specific requirements based on the intended purpose of the rug and the room where it will go. That being said, some rug sizes tend to appear more often than others, each with its benefits and drawbacks depending on your particular needs.

Rugs come in many sizes, so it is important to know what they are and what they're used for. There are some standard rug sizes that you will find in every carpet and rug shop. These common rug sizes include 3x5, 5x8, 8x10, 9x12, and 12x15.

Broadly, area rug sizes can be divided into three categories:

Small Rugs

Usually, rugs less than 5’ in length are considered small sizes. Small area rugs, or runners, tend to be around 2 feet wide by 3 feet long. This size is great for spaces where you need some extra softness but doesn’t have much floor space. Small rugs can easily fit into doorways and hallways to create an extra bit of warmth and coziness, or they can be used in kitchens or patios.

If you want a small rug that won’t go unnoticed on your larger floors, try one with some good texture or pile as it makes the small rugs feel bigger than they are. Small oriental rugs are a great way to bring a pop of color into a bedroom. Common oriental rug sizes of 2’x3’ and 3’x5’ will make any room brighten up instantly!

Medium Rugs

While small and large rugs are common for spacious areas, medium rugs are often best for smaller rooms. Some might find that going up to a large rug adds too much visual weight to their limited space, but going with a small-sized area rug doesn’t provide enough coverage. In that case, a medium-sized rug comes to the rescue!

If you're looking for a nice, classic look in your space, it's tough to beat a medium-sized rug. This ‘in-between’ rug is perfect for going between seating and various types of furniture. 4’x6’, 5’x8’, or 6’x9’ are great sizes for desks or smaller sofas.


 Large Rugs

A large area rug is essential in a living room or as an accent piece in other rooms. If you're looking for a simple, go-to accessory that can be used throughout your house, look for an oversized carpet to liven up your décor.

However, larger rugs may need to be anchored by furniture or placed on wall-to-wall carpeting. 8’x10’ and 9’x12’ are two standard area rug sizes appropriate for a family room, den, or master bedroom. You can also find rugs larger than these commonly found sizes.

Rug Size Options for Different Room Types

When choosing the perfect rug for your home, you need to think about more than just the look of it—you also need to think about how big it should be. The size of your rug will depend on what room you’re planning to place it in. So this guide will cover the different size options and which rooms they suit best. As you go through this guide, we’ll discuss the most common area rug sizes for specific rooms and why you want to use them.

Living Room Rug Sizes

Deciding on a rug size for the living room can be tricky, and it varies widely depending on your personal preferences. The length of a rug should match your room’s dimensions so that there is approximately 60cm (2 feet) of rug border visible on each side.

An 8'x10' rug is the best option for large living rooms or dens. You can style your furniture in various ways with this rug size. You can put the chairs at an angle with their front legs on the rug. Or, you can put the chairs or sofa with all four legs on the rug according to the look that you want to create.

You will need a 9’x12’ rug or larger for an extra-large living room space. To give your room a cohesive look, arrange the floating furniture pieces entirely on the rug with even spaces between them.

Dining Room Rug Sizes

When choosing a rug from common rug sizes for dining room, there are several rules. First, your rug should make a statement about your sense of style without looking like an after-thought. Secondly, when deciding on rug size, keep in mind that rug size should be according to the size of dining table. The rug under your dining table should be large enough so that chairs should rest on the rug when pulled out.

Usually, an 8'x10' rug is enough for most rectangle dining tables, but you can use a larger rug if your space permits. On the other hand, a round table is typically more comfortable with a 12’ diameter rug. However, a rectangular 12’x 15’ rug will also look good if you have a large enough room.

Bedroom Rug Sizes

Bedroom rugs are used to separate room sections and make certain furniture pieces stand out. A rug in a bedroom could help define a seating area or create an oasis by separating your bed from your wardrobe. Bedroom rugs come in different sizes, depending on how they're used.

Generally, 8'x10' or 9'x12' rugs are perfect underneath queen and king-size beds. Just make sure that the rug is placed with its length parallel to the bed's headboard. Plus, ensure that half of the rug is visible in the front of the bed’s foot for a balanced look. So, choose a rug size that works best for your décor!

Common rugs size


 How to size a rug?

Finding the right rug size for your space can be hard if you don’t know what options are available. If you have no idea what size rug you need, it may seem like there’s no way to figure it out without guessing. In reality, there are several easy ways to find which of the common throw rug sizes fits your space perfectly, even if you aren’t sure how big it should be or how to measure it out.

The simplest but most effective way of finding a rug with the right size is by marking the floor with a typical rug size that you want to buy. Follow these guidelines:

  • Use masking tape to draw a rectangle where you’ll ultimately put your rug down, so make sure you are happy with its placement.
  • Remember to leave at least 18” of free space around the rug. For a small room, make it an 8" provision.
  • Now take a step back and see if you are happy with the size.

3 Key Considerations when Sizing a Rug

Whether you’re buying a rug for a bedroom, living room, or dining room, measuring your space beforehand is important. But sizing a rug is incomplete without considering the layout of the room and what furniture will be placed around or on the rug.

Furniture layout

Deciding where to place your rug is essential to creating a cohesive design aesthetic and functionality in your space. It’s best to play with different layouts on paper and look at everything using different common rug sizes. Once you've decided where to put the rug, make sure that furniture fits comfortably over or around it.

Depending on your furniture placement, you might want to get a smaller rug if you don't want to put the chair or sofa's front legs on the rug. Similarly, you would want to buy a larger rug to accommodate all of your furniture on the rug.

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Furniture Size

In many scenarios, furniture size is most important in determining the size of the rug you will need. For example, you don’t want a small rug underneath your dining table that doesn’t have enough room for all of its chairs when they are pulled out. On the contrary, arranging smaller furniture is more flexible. Small furniture can be placed with different rug sizes to create different layouts.

Any physical obstacles

If you want to place your rug in front of a door, there needs to be enough space for it to open and close. Also, check for floor heaters, radiators, or any other fixture that may prevent your rug from being exactly the place you want it and in the size you want.

In addition, when sizing a rug, lookout for anything blocking entrances or exits. You might like to get a smaller size rug if it’s coming in the path that is more frequently used. Make sure there’s enough room for people (or pets) to get through without tripping on your rug.

common rugs size


 Rug Size Guide

It's important to consider how large your room is and ensure you aren't overcompensating. Oversized rugs tend to overwhelm smaller rooms and make them look smaller. On the other hand, undersized rugs can appear lost in large rooms. By working with your flooring store, you can determine which rug size will best suit your needs.

Here are some recommended common rug dimensions according to room size.

  • 3’x5’ rug for 5’x7’ room size
  • 5’x8’ rug for 7’x10’ room size
  • 8’x10’ rug for 10’x12’ room size
  • 9’x12’ rug for 11’x14’ room size
  • 12’x15’ rug for 14’x17’ room size

Should an Area Rug be longer than the Couch?

When choosing an area rug, a major rule of thumb is to make sure it is longer than your furniture. It won't look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes if it is too short. Your rug should be at least 6" longer on both ends of the couch. However, an 8" wider rug on both sides will look better.

Should a Rug Go Under a Couch?

While many people prefer to put rugs underneath their furniture, others prefer to place them in front of it. In addition to personal preference, you should consider the size of your rug and the furniture. Putting a rug under your couch takes up valuable floor space; for most homes, it's better to put smaller rugs in front of a sofa. On the other hand, large furniture in large spaces will look better if placed entirely on the rug.

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Rugs can add visual interest and dimension to any room in your home, but before you know it, your room seems smaller than it is in reality. That’s why choosing the right rug from common rug sizes can be so important. You want to be more cautious if you have a limited amount of space to work within your living room or dining room. Also, there are plenty of factors to take into account when sizing a rug. The most important thing is to measure correctly. If you choose an incorrect size, it will not look good in your home and you won’t be happy with your purchase.

We would like you to invest in the right size rug for your home. If you are in any doubt about the suitable rug size for your space or don’t understand how to size your rug, come to us. Here at ALRUG, we are committed to assisting you in any way regarding your flooring needs. We are a trusted name in rugs and have a wide variety of rugs and sizes to choose from. Select the right size rug and transform your space!