Jaldar Persian Rugs: Ways to Place Your Decorative Rug

Owning a Jaldar Persian rug is like having art on your floor. A well-designed rug will enhance the decor of any room in your home, from your foyer to your dining room to your bedroom or even your bathroom or kitchen. But how do you know how to place your beautiful Persian rug? By carefully choosing where to place your Jaldar rug, you can create visual interest and balance with the rest of the room's furniture and design elements. Read on to learn about unique ways to use your Jaldar Persian rug.

#1. In front of the window

Jaldar rugs, by design, are often associated with sunny daydreams. This makes them perfect for placement in front of a window where you can enjoy them during both work and play. Because jaldar Persian rugs tend to be medium-to-light in color. It is best to choose one with an attractive design or pattern that will catch your eye. The light colors and bold designs add a sense of charm and beauty wherever they place. If you have large windows, it's possible to create a small seating area using these beautiful pieces. For example, put a jaldar rug on top of some pillows in front of a window and use it as an extra seat when guests come over. There's no need to stop at just one; group together several different colored jaldar rugs so that they form a larger sitting area in front of your favorite view.

#2. Underneath the window

Placing a rug underneath your window helps to brighten up and open up a room. It also acts as an extension of your decor, as you can choose the colors and patterns of your rugs based on the colors and patterns in your window treatments. Underneath a reading nook or chair - As rugs are often decorative objects, they can act as different accents for other interior decorating decisions. Placing pak jaldar rugs underneath a reading nook or chair will help pull everything together into one cohesive design choice.

#3. In front of a big mirror

Placing your jaldar Persian rugs in front of a big mirror is more likely to look good than not. There are so many beautiful colors and details that show up when you walk by a well-placed rug, but it will only work if a large mirror reflects off of it. Mirrors can work wonders with color, so don't be afraid of color! One thing you do need to be aware of is placement. Make sure your rug isn't too close or too far from your wall when you have a mirror, as it is easier for one person/object/rug to dominate another if there isn't enough space between them on either side. If you want a smaller area rug, then place it in front of your mirror. Just make sure that you aren't making your room feel smaller by doing so.

#4. On the wall

One of the most common places where people hang their Jaldar rugs is on a wall. This is a great way to display your beautiful piece in almost any room of your home. A nice picture frame can help you ensure that it's centered and straight if you don't have an extra-long wall. But it will be a focal point. Placing jaldar Persian rugs on a wall can give any room an immediate sense of atmosphere and elegance and often even contributes significantly to soundproofing. This is key if you plan on placing it anywhere close to a sleeping area.

#5. In your bedroom

Placing your rug in your bedroom is great for adding warmth and texture. Placing it near your bed will create a primary focal point, but placing it close enough so that you can get cozy under it is optimal. If you want a more subtle look:

  1. Try hanging it on one wall over your headboard or placing a smaller Pakistan jaldar rug at either end of your bed as decoration.
  2. Choose between a thick 100% wool flat weave jaldar rug or a thinner all-wool hooked rug for placement in your bedroom.
  3. If you're shopping online, make sure that there's plenty of natural light available for photos when choosing jaldar Persian rugs for decoration in any room of your home.

#6. In an alcove

Jaldar Persian rugs are great for placing in an alcove; a small space can greatly impact when decorated with one of these beautiful pieces. Even if you have just a little bit of wall space, you can use it to showcase your rug. Just use color coordinating accessories and art to tie them together in harmony. Of course, why not just put your Jaldar rug right in with your other furnishings? If you have an open floor plan or minimal furnishings that allow for flexibility, adding more area rugs can be one way to expand upon an otherwise boring design scheme.

#7. On top of an existing rug or carpet

People often choose to place their Jaldar rug on top of an existing carpet or area rug. This is easy and cost-effective, especially if you're working with a relatively large space. But keep in mind that your Jaldar rug is valuable and should be protected from direct contact with furniture (and, for some rugs, sunlight). This can lead to fraying or damaging delicate parts of your area rug, particularly if it's brand new. You may better place your Jaldar area rug under or around furniture.

Alternatively, you can purchase jaldar Persian rugs specifically design for use under larger carpets. Many people assume that all rugs are made to go over hardwood floors, which isn't always true. If you want to place your Jaldar Persian rug directly on hardwood floors. And make sure you buy one design for use in high traffic areas and one with a non-slip backing, so it doesn't move easily. Otherwise, consider moving furniture out of the way. So there's plenty of room for your hardwood flooring and your beautiful new Jaldar Persian rug!

#8. Beside your bed

Many people place a beautiful and ornate jaldar rug beneath their bed. This is often a good choice for families with small children, as jaldar Persian rugs are extremely durable and easy to clean. Additionally, there's no risk of your rug stepping on and stained or pulling up in playtime. This can be an issue if you have more delicate rugs elsewhere in your home. The only downside is that you have no option but to look at it while you sleep!

It's also worth noting that most decorative rugs aren't designed to be regularly walked on. So make sure you don't place one where it will get trampled. If you decide to put a rug under your bed, choose one with some texture, so it doesn't feel like you're sleeping directly on hardwood floors. Jaldar Persian rugs come in many sizes, so finding one large enough shouldn't be difficult. But don't worry, Alrug provides all sizes of jaldar Persian rugs, and if they don't have what you want, they can make them for you.