The 5 Best Places to Put your Khal Mohammadi Runner Rug

Khal Mohammadi rugs are among the finest Afghan rugs without any doubt. These beautiful, traditional, and colorful rugs add a rustic charm to any contemporary or traditional home décor. If you don’t want a large area rug, a Khal Mohammadi runner is the next best thing. These small and narrow rugs can add a burst of color to any dull space that needs sprucing up.  You’ll just need to know how to style it in your existing home setting, so it can truly shine with its unique design and bright colors.

A Khal Mohammadi runner rug can work in so many different spaces in your home and make them look beautiful. In this article, we’ll look at five places that work especially well with these stunning pieces and show you how they can all be arranged effectively.

So, here are 5 amazing ways to style your Khal Mohammadi runner rug!

1. Hallways and entryways

Khal Mohammadi runner rug can be a beautiful addition to an entryway or hallway. Runners add warmth and softness, and can often bring in color in otherwise neutral surroundings. Entryways are one of our favorite places for a runner. It’s a quick and easy way to welcome visitors into your home with style. Entryways are also a great place for runners because they get some foot traffic but don’t usually carry as much wear-and-tear as do living areas. So, putting a Khal Mohammadi runner or two in a long hallway or entryway won’t compromise the shiny look of your gorgeous runners.

2. Next to the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, it’s going to look fantastic with a bright colorful Khal Mohammadi runner rug next to it. The warmness of an open flame mixed with warm colors and tones of Khal Mohammadi runner is sure to liven up any room. Add some pillows and cushions, place snacks and blankets nearby, and enjoy your favorite book on a chilly evening! You might never want the winters to end!

Khal Mohammadi Runner Rug


3. Large Kitchen

If you’re a domestic goddess, chances are that you take pride in your kitchen. Not only is it one of the most frequently used rooms in any house, but it’s also one of the more important areas. Nothing would be worse than having a large kitchen with a bare floor. Two Khal Mohammadi runners on either side of the kitchen island work brilliantly. However, in a narrow but longer kitchen a longer runner will do the trick!

Moreover, a Khal Mohammadi rug can complement any color scheme and bring out subtle shades in all kinds of kitchen decor, including classic wooden cabinets and dark granite countertops. What more could you ask for?!

4. Bedroom

Your bedroom is where you tend to hang out after a long day. It’s more than a place of solace. It’s also an extension of your personality. You can make a bold statement by putting a stunning bright red Khal Mohammadi runner rug in your bedroom. It fits perfectly in modern or traditional home décor. You can put it on either side of a bed or at the foot of the bed according to available space. Or, if you have an area in which you like to meditate or read before sleep, consider putting it there as well. All in all, if any room strikes you as fitting for your rug, don’t hesitate!

5. Staircase

One of the best places for a runner rug is your staircase. Khal Mohammadi runners are very durable, so they won’t fade away easily. You can keep them looking bright and new by vacuuming regularly. Staircases are particularly good spots for runners with dark colors because they will show less wear and tear. A bright red Khal Mohammadi runner will give your staircase a royal look!

Wooden stairs are especially great for these runner rugs. Leaving the wooden stairs bare is a potential slipping hazard so a runner rug provides safety while adding an elegant look to the stairs. However, ensure that the runner is tightly secured on the stairs to prevent any accident.

Khal Mohammadi Runner Rug


Choose a perfect Khal Mohammadi runner rug from ALRUG

If you’re getting a runner rug, chances are you want it to stand out. A dramatic Khal Mohammadi runner rug is a way of making a statement as it defines space and brings bold color into any room. The right choice is not just about picking a pretty pattern. You have to think about where you’ll be placing it, how much light you’ll have, what mood you want to create, and more.

A Khal Mohammadi runner exceptionally complements other furnishings.  Not only does it bring added texture but gives your décor an instant lift while coordinating with your existing décor. At ALRUG we have a wide variety of sizes to choose a perfect runner that fulfills your décor needs. Just think about one of these five spaces when placing your order for a Khal Mohammadi runner rug!