How to Place Bidjar Rug - Six Quick Tips

Bidjar rugs are beautiful, intricate, handmade Persian rugs available in many sizes and patterns. These handmade carpets are sought after because of their unique designs and high-quality craftsmanship. Bidjar rugs are famous for bingeing thin and lightweight yet durasimultaneously, making them perfect for any space or setting. Some buyers may still find it difficult to find the right place to keep their newly-purchased rug, which is why we've prepared quick tips that will help you with easy ways to lay your bidjar rug out on the floor!

Finding a place with good lighting

The antique bidjar rugs are famous for their rich, intense colours and making sure that you can see them as close as possible is essential. This means that your selection should be in a room with good lighting and an area where natural light is abundant. If you can't find these, bring in a lamp or two so that you don't miss out on an amazing piece because of poor lighting. If there's one thing you don't want to do when shopping for a quality piece, it's getting home only to realize that it just didn't live up to your expectations. When you're ready to make a purchase, thoroughly examine each bidjar rug before buying. You'll get more enjoyment from your purchase if you know exactly what you're buying.

Beautiful Bidjar Rug


Planning for the rug placement

Once you have purchased your bidjar Persian rug, determine where you want it placed in your home. Doing so will allow you to place furniture on it. And then place a clear plastic over all items to protect them during transport. Now that you decide where it will place lay down some paper or cardboard and carry pieces of wood into the room. So that you can use it as makeshift legs while transporting. Carry an extra piece of cardboard or paper under each piece of wood. So that no nails puncture any part of your beautiful new bidjar rug.

Also, make sure that they face in different directions if you place multiple rugs together. Many Persian rugs were made using wool from different animals such as sheep, goats and camels. Wool from these animals differs in colour. This makes it hard for two rugs to be facing exactly alike without having one looking slightly different from another. Therefore, make sure to put something soft underneath your rug when placing it on hardwood floors or tile flooring. Otherwise, you might end up with a dent or mark from where the rug is placed due to its weight.

Moving heavier furniture out of the way

Bidjar rugs can be very heavy, and they take up a lot of space when you're trying to move them. Some have intricate patterns, making it harder to push or pull them across any surface. You can get a bidjar oriental rug out of your way by turning it over. So it lies flat on its back, rolling it toward you in sections and moving as much furniture as possible before you start.

If several people are helping you move your antique bidjar rug, try taking turns being under it while another person rolls it toward them. This will help give everyone a break from being beneath the rug without having to slow down the process. Keep in mind that you may need more than one piece of furniture moved to create enough room for your antique bidjar rug. It depends on how big it is. Always measure first if you aren't sure!

Bidjar Beautiful Rug


Measuring area

The first thing you need to do is measure your room and see how much area it has available for a new decoration piece. The size should not be too small or too big. In addition, it is also important to know whether you have empty walls where you can hang them up or if there are doors that might get in your way. You can hang them on opposite walls for a more interesting effect, rather than side by side.

One more detail you need to know before buying a bidjar rug is the height of our door frames: if they are lower than 1 meter (39 inches). Then it is better to place a bidjar rug underneath them. If you are going to place a bidjar rug in your living room. Then You should also consider where exactly you want to put it and how much space it is available in that area. So that everything fits perfectly into each other's space without any problems later on when putting everything together.

Preparing the room

When preparing a room for a new bidjar rug, it is important to avoid high traffic areas. Bidjars are beautiful and delicate works of art that can easily damage by foot traffic and heavy furniture. The best option is typically an unused or rarely used room in your home where foot traffic will be minimized but not entirely avoided. You can also create a safe space outside if you have a deck or patio with a low-traffic environment. In most cases, indo bidjar rugs are not recommended in high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens or near doors where they may often contact people's feet and door jams during entering and exiting.

These areas can cause quick wear and tear on a bidjar rug. Most rugs should place over hardwood floors or tiles. Carpeting should only consider temporary placement since carpets tend to fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. Make sure there are at least 8 inches between the floorboards and the base of your rugs. This allows airflow under your rugs which prevents mould growth underneath, thus extending their life span! To secure your carpet/rug to wooden floors without damaging them. We recommend using removable tape such as Scotch BlueTM Painter's Tape. This allows you to remove it without damaging wood flooring!

Area Bidjar Rug


Installing your new bidjar rug

If you're installing your new Persian bidjar rug, we recommend placing it on top of a low pile carpet runner and then stacking rugs. The aim is to create an overall softer look without sacrificing too much structural support. Of course, if you have a low pile carpet. You can place your new bidjar rug directly on top of it. Again, be sure not to stack anything atop your floor covering. You want any extra height (or tripping hazard) taken out of play! In addition, don't expect your entire room to feel warmer just because there is now a Bidjar rug beneath our feet.

These rugs are warm and inviting, but they're not miracle workers. Still, they provide a cosy feeling that will make sitting in front of your fireplace or woodstove even more enjoyable than before. And isn't that what home decorating is all about? Enjoying ourselves while enjoying our homes? That's why we're here, after all, to help you enjoy yourself in whatever way possible. So go ahead and buy Bidjar rugs from Alrug today! You won't regret it for one second!