How to Properly Place a Kirman Rug - Seven Ways

A Kirman rug or Persian rug is a traditional, typically hand-knotted, oriental rug. Kirman rugs are famous as both beautiful and durable, and they have been in demand since they were first exported to the West during the 1800s. Nowadays, collectors highly seek Kirman rugs which can be quite expensive. However, if you know how to place them properly, you'll ensure that your investment stays safe and beautiful! Here are seven different ways to place your Kirman rug to stay in good condition over the years while still showing off its beauty.

#1. Against a wall

While Kirman rugs are quite beautiful and appealing, they can be difficult to find room for. If you do not want to lay your rug out on your floor, consider placing it against a wall. Wall space is usually one of our most underutilized resources in any room of our homes. So make good use of it by decorating with an exquisite piece of the Karastan Kirman rug. Be sure to secure it against your wall with adhesive or rubber hold fast so that your fine investment does not damage your walls by slipping off them over time. To add a bit more visual interest to the area behind where you have placed your Kirman rug, try hanging some artwork or mirrors nearby for further effect and charm.

#2. On the floor against furniture

A popular way to place the Kirman rug is against a wall, which works well with different shapes and styles. If you're looking for an extra pop of color, consider placing it directly in front of the furniture. This will help draw attention away from any mismatched colors or patterns your existing furniture may have. It also provides an easy way to mix and match colors and patterns by selecting furniture with similar colors or patterns that play off your Kirman area rug. You can use a simple rectangle shape for your rug as well. For placement along walls, look for rugs at least 5 feet wide. Otherwise, they might not provide enough visual impact. You can even layer rugs on top of each other. But make sure that both rugs complement each other in color and style.

Kirman Rug


#3. On the floor by itself

Traditionally, Kirman rugs are placed on bare flooring or over another rug. They are meant to be enjoyed alone or with other small rugs in an area where people can walk around them and appreciate their intricate beauty. It's also important that rugs are not placed near any damp areas since they're very susceptible to mold and mildew. If you live in an area with high humidity, it's best to place your Kirman rug under your dining table or desk instead of on top of carpeting. This will allow it room for proper air circulation and lessen its chances of developing mold. The only exception would be placing it outside if you can roll it out flat on a patio table or deck railing—don't forget about it!

#4. Underneath furniture

If you plan on placing your Kirman rug underneath furniture legs, make sure that there is plenty of space above it for airflow. The last thing you want is for your Kirman rug Karastan and furniture to be in direct contact as they will both collect dust and dirt. Typically, under-couch placement works best but if you're looking to place it underneath an armchair. Be sure there are at least 12 inches between them. In all cases, remember that once you place your rug beneath furniture legs, it won't be able to return or exchange, so do your homework first before deciding on placement.

For example, some homeowners prefer to use non-slip pads underneath their rugs when placing them under couches or chairs. This helps prevent unwanted movement and ensures that everyone remains safe from tripping over loose edges. It also adds extra padding for comfort! Remember that you can only use most slip pads on hardwood floors and not carpeting. So keep these things in mind when buying Kirman rugs from a store like Alrug.

#5. In front of the window

When decorating with a Kirman rug, the first tip is to place it in front of your window for some definition and interest. When placing one in front of your window, make sure it isn't blocking any sunlight. Because you will be stressing yourself out trying to decide where best to sit or if you should move it. It can also cause a dangerous tripping hazard. Plus, who wants less sunlight? Nobody! Ensure that when you put it in front of your window, there is no obstruction. So that everyone has enough light coming through. Also, when choosing colors and patterns for your room/area where you want to put it. And keep them in mind before picking them out so that the Kirman area rug doesn't clash with each other.

Kirman Rug


#6. In front of the fireplace

Many people first think of it when placing their new Kirman rug in front of their fireplace or wood-burning stove. Many Kirman rugs look great there, especially if you have matching wooden stools or chairs around them. Placing your Karastan Kirman rug in front of your fireplace adds an element of coziness and a place to kick up your feet. But be sure not to place it too close to your fire source. Because they can get really hot and ruin most rugs. Also, be sure that you only use one rug per room so as not to overwhelm your space with patterns, especially in smaller rooms.

When buying a Kirman rug for sale online, select one with a large enough pattern to accommodate all of your furniture pieces. If you're thinking about adding more than one rug to a room, keep in mind that they should never touch each other or overlap. They should always be at least two inches apart on all sides. Otherwise, it will create visual chaos and remove both rugs' beauty.

#7. Outside

If you decide to place your Kirman rug outside, make sure it is in a shaded area. Never put your Kirman rug directly on grass or dirt as it could get damaged. Also, be sure that you do not hang any laundry from your Kirman rugs if they are placed outside. If you choose to place your Karastan Ivory Kirman rug outside, make sure it fits and looks good there. Because once it is placed there, it will be difficult to move.

While most people who own Kirman rugs never place them outside. Many have come up with ways of protecting their investment by hanging them on hooks. So they can easily pull back indoors when needed without exposing to weather elements for too long. Placing a Kirman rug inside near an open window can help cool down your house during hot summer months for those living in warmer climates.