Mamluk Rugs – Why Should You Consider Adding Them to Your Collection

Mamluk rugs are among the most recognized and highly sought-after rugs in the world. These traditional oriental rugs can add a fresh, exotic, and timeless feel to any room. The rich, deep colors of these handmade items are one of the key features that make them stand out from other rugs.

Originating from Egypt, these rich and colorful rugs have kept their popularity through the ages, and it’s easy to see why. These handmade rugs are luxury handmade Oriental carpets with a history that stretches back to the 14th century. Mamluk rugs were created by Turkish weavers and sold in Cairo and Damascus.

Mamluk rugs, which are known for their distinctive geometric patterns and lively colors, are made from wool and silk, making them a popular floor decoration in eastern and western countries alike. Many people are opting for these gorgeous area rugs for their home décor. If you haven’t yet thought about these interesting and beautiful rugs, it’s time that you should!

There are some good reasons to consider buying these beauties. This article will help you understand how Mamluk rugs can make your home brighten up and also why you should consider buying them in the first place.

What are Mamluk Rugs?

Old Mamluk rugs are woven by Mamluks, who were captured, enslaved, and bought in the Caucasus Mountains by Muslims. 'Mamluk' is a Persian word meaning 'slave'. But in reality, they were warriors and guards under various Muslim sultans.

Mamluks originally belong from the Caucasus, Syria, and Southern Russia. There were captured and moved to Egypt to serve as royal guards. These captives brought their rich culture, which strongly influenced the local arts and crafts.

Later on, Mamluks overthrew the Egyptians and ruled the Egyptian dynasty. During the long-ruling period of these Mamluk Sultans from 1250 to 1517, the Egyptian carpet industry took to new heights with beautiful carpets, which we know as Mamluk rugs. After the Ottoman Turks conquered the land in 1517, the patterns of the rugs began to resemble Turkish designs.

Distinctive Pattern and Style of Mamluk Rugs

Mamluk rugs are known for their intricate patterns, vivid colors, and other notable features, such as a plush wool pile dyed with natural dyes. Plus, they feature a harmonious balance between background and border coloration. These rugs are known for their symmetrical pattern using geometric shapes to form a balanced design incorporating decorative and functional elements.

Mostly, original Mamluk carpets have a single pattern radiating out from the center, framed by a border. This pattern includes a row of cypress trees or palm trees surrounded by umbrella-shaped leaves in some carpets. The carpet's characteristic outer borders mostly feature medallions with alternating round symbols.

A Mamluk carpet has often been described as having a kaleidoscopic quality because the central design intertwines around it, resulting in smaller and smaller star-shaped and polygonal patterns that divide up the space even more.

The colors in some historical examples were created using natural dyes such as walnut shells, indigo, and saffron. On the contrary, modern copies are usually employing synthetic dyes instead. Additionally, Modern Mamluk rugs often feature intricate floral or geometric patterns that contribute to their aesthetic appeal. To produce these patterns in weaving Mamluk rugs, artisans employ specific materials and weaving techniques to ensure that each rug is durable and visually stunning.


7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Mamluk Rugs

Mamluk Rugs are the perfect addition to any home and can liven up any area. Their intricate designs and bright colors are sure to make your guests take notice, while their durable construction will ensure they stay in your home for years to come. If you're looking to add a little something special to your decor, you should consider buying Mamluk rugs! Check out these reasons why you should buy Mamluk rugs today!

1.      Bring History into your home

Since they are hand-woven, each rug is truly one of a kind. No two rugs are exactly alike, so you can choose one that will compliment your home. Plus, their designs are mostly the same as those of the centuries-old original rugs, so it feels like bringing a piece of history into your home when you buy a mamluk rug. Many people even hang them on their walls because they add a fantastic sense of character to any room! A mamluk handcrafted by artisans is as valuable as a work of art by a famous painter or sculptor.

2.      Stunning craftsmanship

The craftsmanship that goes into each rug is second to none. A Mamluk rug is truly a work of art, from expertly dyed yarns to elaborate knots. Master weavers from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan have given a new life to this historical carpet through their remarkable weaving skills. So, buying a handmade Mamluk area rug is an excellent way of appreciating their craftsmanship.

3.      Valuable Investment

The heritage value of these rugs is unparalleled. Their designs may be centuries old, but that doesn’t mean they’re outdated. These rugs are built to last, which means you can treasure them for generations to come. Whatever your budget is, it’s worth buying a Mamluk rug if only for its investment potential and long-term value. Even though they have come down in price substantially in recent years, they are still valuable pieces of historical art that people will appreciate decades from now as much as they do today.

4.      Adaptable in Every Home Décor

From modern to rustic, traditional to contemporary, mamluks are an excellent match for every home's style. Whether you live in a traditional white house or a funky loft apartment, a Mamluk Zieglar rug will complement your existing decor. Zieglar is a type of Mamluk designed for the specific taste of the European market, so do your research before buying. Just use one area rug as an anchor in a room and see how it transforms your place. Also, check out ALRUG for Mamluk rugs for sale and pick one that suits your décor!

5.      Stunningly Beautiful

One of many reasons you should consider buying a Mamluk rug is its stunning beauty. These rugs display brilliant colors and beautiful designs that can immediately enliven any room in your home. Your guests will undoubtedly be impressed by these precious pieces of art adorning your floors. If you are looking for an aesthetic way to bring color into your home, it’s hard to find something better than these incredible rugs. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also feel great on bare feet!


 6.      Made from Quality Materials

The silk and wool used in making a Mamluk rug are incredibly high quality, giving them their softness and durability. The use of quality materials ensures that your carpets will look just as good years after you purchase them as they did on day one. With high-quality materials like these, it’s not surprising that these handcrafted rugs have been trusted by people worldwide.

7.      Affordable luxury

If you want to buy luxury rugs, but can't reasonably afford them, then buying a Mamluk carpet might be your best bet. The modern Mamluk rugs cover several styles and techniques that give them a luxurious look. Given their handcrafted patterns and designs, Mamluks are still some of the most affordable carpets on today's market. So if you want to get into collecting comfy and rich rugs without breaking your bank, Mamluk rugs could be an excellent option for you!

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5 Tips for Decorating with Mamluk Rugs

A Mamluk rug is an ornate, handmade piece of art that will add color and dimension to your floor. You can use it to bring a sense of history and culture into your home, or you can use it as the perfect point of interest in your living room. If you’re ready to change your interior style and looking to decorate your floors, investing in a handmade mamluk rug is a great way to do it. These five tips for decorating with Mamluk rugs will help you make the most of your purchase.

1.      Choose from a Variety of Design Patterns

If you’re looking to purchase a Mamluk rug, there are many designs and styles that you can choose from. Many people shop by color and size, but it's equally important to consider design when choosing a carpet. Do you want it to stand out as a piece of art? Or do you want it to act as a blank canvas to layer other decorations? Do you prefer geometric patterns or floral ones? Is there a particular theme that you want to follow? Think about these questions when choosing your next carpet!

2.      Use its Rarity to Create a Central Point

If you are going to decorate your floors with any rug, why not choose one that is unique and will help you show off? Unique rugs can be an excellent focal point in any room in most cases. Their rarity makes them an excellent conversation starter. Although finding a Mamluk rug may be difficult at first because these kinds of floor coverings aren’t readily available to buy, there are ways around it if you look hard enough.

3.      Go for Modern Themes and Combinations

Although antique rugs are beautiful, they don't have to be your only option when decorating your home. You can create a fabulous modern décor by selecting a traditional Mamluk rug in subtle colors that will go well with sleek furniture and other decorations. Traditional designs usually go well with more traditional-looking pieces, but many modern rooms can incorporate more contemporary elements in their design. So, choose from primary hues such as off-white, fawn, grey, and ivory instead of bold colors and patterns for a minimalist and contemporary look.


 4.      Do Some Research to Create a Cohesive Look

Most of us think it's enough to bring a variety in color, texture, pattern, and design of our room décor. It's not always true! You need a certain level of taste while selecting different things according to specific rooms or themes. It's essential to know how to place rugs in your space based on color, size, and texture. Take a moment to consider what style of rug you want and what accessories would go best with it. As long as you take your time and pay attention to detail, your room will look picture perfect!

5.      Stick to Your Budget

While you may have a particular vision of what your home looks like, sticking to your budget is the key when decorating. Whether purchasing a Mamluk rug online or in person, it's essential to stick to your budget. Although some rugs can be pricey, there are plenty of attractive options within most budgets. But you don’t have to settle on something less than perfect just because it doesn't fit into your budget. At ALRUG, we have so many reasonable options for you if you want to buy a Mamluk rug!

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Each Mamluk rug is as unique as beautiful and has a history behind it. Like a work of art or sculpture, every rug tells its own story. And by choosing this rug, you can use it to tell yours!

What makes these rugs so special is that they’re very beautifully designed, with exciting colors and a lot of detail. People worldwide use these luxurious rugs to accentuate their home décor, making them more than just an investment.

Mamluk rugs provide you with the opportunity to express yourself and your unique tastes. However, we recommend doing your research before spending your hard-earned money. Of course, if you have any questions about these rugs or would like more information about how you can buy a piece that’s worth its price, then just contact us!

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