How to Make Your Home Dazzle with Bokhara Rug

Bokhara rugs are considered one of the most beautiful handmade carpets, globally. They have vibrant colors and intricate patterns that your eye will get the notice immediately. Also, it makes you want to own one for yourself. Nevertheless, there's more to Bokhara rug than first meets the eye. They are also warm, comfortable, and sturdy enough to last for years of use in any room of your home.

Modern Tekke-faced Bokhara rugs consist of many different styles. Each of these styles has a distinct feel as well as an appeal that makes it stand out from the rest. This particular variety in appearance makes Bokhara rugs irresistible to own. The finest quality of Bokhara rugs makes them enjoy continued popularity to this day. Due to the unique region, they are made in, these rugs also have a legacy and a story. Only a few other types of Persian carpets have such quality.

History of Bokhara rugs

The first-ever Bokhara rugs were crafted by the ‘Tekke’ tribe in the ancient city of Bokhara. Ever since it is the part of modern Uzbekistan. 'Tekke’ also uses design patterns from the ‘Salor’ tribe along with the unique Tekke tribe designs in their rugs. Interestingly, the Salor tribe also belonged to the same region as Bokhara. This mixing imparts a purely Central Asian feel to these rugs. This is the reason why Bokhara rugs are the ultimate choice when it comes to handmade oriental carpets.
There are many places throughout Central Asia where Bokhara rugs are crafted. But the best and also most luxurious ones come from Pakistan. Additionally, some other Central Asian countries are also major contributors to handmade Bokhara rugs. These include Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and more.
Today, one can easily find Bokhara rugs throughout much of Europe and America. They have gained popularity (positioning) as the choice of royalty. Among the many reasons these rugs are famous is their especially soft pile. You can also select from our exquisite collection of Bokhara rugs at ALRUG!

What Makes Bokhara Rugs So Irresistible

Some of our most precious possessions are those that tell a story. The unique patterns found in handmade Bokhara rugs tell amazing stories and have been around us for centuries. Despite their ancient designs, these incredible pieces still pack a visual punch. So, it is easy to understand why they remain in such high demand.

1.      Highly distinguishable design featuring unique patterns and distinctive shapes

Bokhara rugs feature symmetrical geometric patterns that repeatedly appear all over the rug. These octagonal, oval, and diamond-shaped motifs make Bokhara rugs quite distinguishable from other Persian and oriental rugs. Out of these motifs, the octagon shapes are symbolic and are called Elephant’s foot. Though Bokhara carpets come from one specific region, they vary in color and pattern. So, these rugs are known for their wide range of colors and patterns and their density.

Bokhara Rug


2.      Quality materials and traditional knotting techniques

The authenticity of a rug is one of the most important aspects of choosing a rug. Genuine Bokhara rugs are absolutely handmade from beginning to end. It ensures that each rug has been carefully inspected and crafted by only seasoned weavers.

Because of their fine craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that experts value them so highly. An undeniable allure about them has drawn many collectors over time. The Persian knotting technique and high-quality wool used in Bokhara rugs ensure that these textiles hold up for decades. Therefore, these rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas or rooms with lots of foot traffic.

3.      Traditional colors that signify rich Eastern culture

Among all kinds of rugs, none can compete with Bokhara rugs in beauty and elegance. By looking at these stunning art pieces, you know you want to buy one. The different designs, vibrant colors, rich culture, and unique shapes are a sure-fire way to catch anyone’s attention.

Bokhara rugs contain both modern and traditional designs. These rugs still use traditional colors that are vital in determining the unique look of Bokhara rugs. Created by master weavers, these rugs capture every bit of local color and design that is so characteristic of those regions.

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Types of Bokhara rugs

Like already mentioned above, with their intricate patterns and bright colors, Bokhara rugs catch your eye immediately. But it’s not just the look of these rugs that sets them apart. It’s also the different types of Bokhara rugs available to match your style and décor. Each type has unique characteristics that make it stand out from the others. So, it's helpful to know about them to make an informed purchase decision. Here are some of the most common Bokhara rugs, so you can find one that suits your home perfectly!

Salor Bokhara rugs

The Salor rugs were originally crafted by the Salor tribe. These rugs are characterized by striking patterns, vibrant colors, and unbelievable knot density. People of the Salor tribe lived near the northern Afghan border.

These exquisite hand-knotted Bokhara rugs emit magnificence, unequaled by anything else. Red in color, the Salor Bokhara rugs feature octagonal or diamond-shaped patterns with flowers around one to three motifs.

Princess and Royal Bokhara rugs

Tekke is one of three main carpet-weaving tribal groups in Central Asia. They used to craft ancient handmade rugs. The Tekke Bokharas feature two unique styles of rugs. One type is the non-prayer rugs referred to as Royal Bokhara. The other is Princess Bokhara which are prayer rugs used in mosques.

The Royal Bokhara rugs are distinguishable by their 'windowpane' design. This design looks the same as a windowpane. It often features small diamond motifs joined by multiple octagon rows. On the other hand, Princess Bokhara rugs feature an image of ‘mihrab’ or ‘qibla.’ These images are woven into the rug amid the typical Bokhara rug motifs. The Princess Bokhara Rugs are very important symbols of religious significance for Muslims.

Bokhara Rug


Yomud Bokhara rugs

These rugs are woven by the Yomud tribe belonging to Central Asia. These rugs are traditional rugs found in southern Turkmenistan. The Yomud rugs are easily recognizable by their incredibly fine wool and strong weave. Usually, these rugs have bright red hues mixed with blues. The Yomud rugs are similar to Caucasian designs. Plus, they use Turkish and Persian knotting techniques.

Another unique feature of these rugs is a Greek cross design that divides the rug into four parts. Each part has an octagon pattern that is unique to Yomud rugs. This octagon design is also a part of the present-day Turkmenistan flag.

Ways to Decorate With a Bokhara Rug

The Bokhara rug adds significant character to any decor with its striking and intricate patterning. But to use your Bokhara rug to its fullest, you need to get creative about how you display it. From the kitchen to the living room, from the guest bedroom to the master bedroom, there are plenty of possibilities for using rugs as stylish interior design elements in any home.

The following discussion on ways to decorate with a Bokhara rug will help you do exactly that!

The Living Room

Living rooms are one of those spaces in a house ideal for adding character and flair. A Bokhara rug can help you by giving it an elegant, classic feel or an eclectic vibe. Selecting a Bokhara rug can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The important thing is to remember that a Bokhara is an accent piece, so make sure that it isn't too busy for its intended location.

For example, when styling a living room with lots of furniture and accessories, something simple and solid will look best. On the other hand, if you have very little furniture in your living room or are using these pieces for symmetry, feel free to get more creative. Moreover, if you don't want to put your furniture on the rug, consider buying a Bokhara rug 9x12.

The Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated. However, to set apart the master bedroom from other areas of your home, you only need one major addition. It is possible with only one luxurious Bokhara rug. You can give any bedroom a rustic yet elegant look by placing a Bokhara rug on an existing hardwood floor!

A grey Bokhara rug complements most wall paint colors, so choose any gorgeous design from our wide selection at ALRUG. To make it easy to move around on hardwood floors, you can choose two runner rugs for putting on both sides of the bed. For example, instead of wasting a large carpet under the bed, place a smaller Bokhara rug at the foot of the bed. There are so many sizes available that it shouldn't be difficult to find one that fits nicely in any bedroom without taking up too much space.

Bokhara Rug


The Hallway

If you need to spruce up a small space, consider adding a rug. It will provide both style and practicality. You can use small-sized Bokhara rugs in hallways and entrances to add warmth and comfort on chilly mornings or rainy days.

A runner rug is the perfect floor decoration for narrow hallways. Also, if your hallway is long enough, consider getting two smaller ones that are identical. This way, they will blend without being an eye-sore.

Also, when using two carpets in one room, always put them on either side of an entrance. Never put one rug directly behind another. Otherwise, it could block traffic flow or make people feel cramped when trying to walk through.

The Dining Room

One of the most important rooms in a house is a dining room, where family and friends come together for special occasions. Decorating a dining room takes careful planning to avoid overcrowding or under decorating. A red Bokhara rug under your dining table will be the ideal choice!

Moreover, when it comes to decorating a dining room, it’s all about creating a beautiful and inviting space. Adding a Bokhara rug to a dining room serves two purposes. Firstly, it makes for an eye-catching focal point, and secondly, it adds character to an otherwise boring space. However, it might be best to choose a large Bokhara area rug for larger spaces such as the dining room.

The Kitchen

Since kitchens are often high-traffic areas, you want to choose a rug that can handle a lot of wear and tear. Medium pile, short pile, and flat-woven rugs like Bokhara rugs fit into practically any design scheme. While man people associate these rugs with modern homes, they work just as well in traditional settings.

A kitchen can easily double as a showpiece. Opting for an intricate pattern like an exotic Bokhara rug gives it a grand look. As long as you're mindful of the rug size go for a rug in the kitchen. There's no reason why you can't pull off a rug in a classic or contemporary kitchen. Small ivory, grey, or blue Bokhara rug in front of your stove will add style that you will fall in love with!

If you have a galley kitchen, consider adding a runner rug to make your space look longer. Plus, it will add character and personality to an otherwise dull space.

Why buy your Bokhara rug from ALRUG?

Bokhara rugs impart a timeless feel to any home décor. These beautiful rugs look great in any setting traditional or contemporary. So buy a Bokhara rug and change the look of your space instantly. Bokhara rugs have been seen in homes around everywhere for many years now. And they can work well in any atmosphere or color scheme. The trick is to choose one based on its colors and design and how it will look against other colors in your room.

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