Coastal Rugs - Warm up Your Home with a Beach House Vibe

Have you been craving the coastal California vibe? Maybe you've even considered a move to the sunnier, calmer shores? I know I have!

Transforming your home’s décor to get that bright and airy feel of beach houses is the perfect way to enjoy the relaxed ambiance without moving to the coast. And you don’t even need to spend a fortune to get that laid-back style. A coastal rug and a few complementing accessories will do the trick just fine!

Cozy and oh-so-relaxing, these rugs will give you a little taste of what it would be like to live on the coast, even if it's just in your living room!

Modern coastal rugs don’t just display underwater creatures, marine themes, and seascapes, but they also include so many naturalistic styles. Coastal rugs are much more textural and are usually made from natural fiber material, jute, or sisal. They can have several patterns such as waves, stripes, and any design that mimics nature.

They come in varying shades of green, blue, and warm neutral colors that appeal to many interior designers and homeowners alike. That is why they are a great choice for today’s homeowner who wants something light and easy on their eyes without losing style or class.

10 Tips to Decorate Your Home with Coastal Rugs

Coastal rugs are perfect for any room in your home, especially if you love the beach and want to bring a piece of it into your living space. They’re highly durable and easily maintained while giving your home an instantly updated beach house feel and allowing you to incorporate natural elements into your decorating scheme. If you're looking to integrate coastal rugs into your home, read on for 10 tips to help you style these with minimum effort and without breaking your bank!

1.      Go for a nature-inspired rug

The main features you’ll want to look for in a coastal rug are naturalist designs, sophisticated color palettes, and textures that bring elegance and sophistication. A nature-inspired area rug is an excellent way to tie together a room's furnishings and bring out certain patterns in your existing décor. One of our favorite things about these rugs is how easily they can be put together in your room. They make each space more elegant and inviting without being too overwhelming.

For example, if you already have a lot of bold and bright blues in your living room, try finding a sisal rug with soft blue shades or shades from green tied together by a similar color scheme like teal or turquoise. The area rugs will give your home some character while highlighting what you love about your current furniture pieces.



2.      Bring outside elements into your home

Just because you live far from shore doesn't mean you can't bring a bit of coastal decor into your home. If a full-fledged beach theme isn't your thing, consider installing some coastal rugs and area rugs that are designed with beach style in mind.

Think of a coastal area, and you may envision seashells, rustic wooden boats, stunning seascapes, and maybe even a sandy beach. A coastal rug lets you bring that charm into your home effortlessly. Coastal rugs give a fresh feeling. That's just what you need for those humid summer days when it feels like it might never end!

3.      Take inspiration from your coastal rug’s colors

When decorating your home, look to your rug's colors for inspiration. You can use your coastal rug as a starting point when finding matching accent pieces and accessories. It can help create a uniform look and tie together different elements that might seem unrelated on their own.

Remember that muted tones will offer more flexibility when selecting additional items for your room. If you have too many colors in your rug, it cannot be easy to find accessories that impart a cohesive look to your pace. On the other hand, if you choose a single-colored carpet for a living room area, you can easily add muted cream and white accents rather than bright ones.

4.      Bring in more natural light

You can always see a difference in your living space when you bring in more natural light. Don’t just pay attention to furniture or decorations; try bringing in natural light. The sunlight will make everything inside your home look better and create a welcoming coastal atmosphere.

A coastal rug in a well-lit room adds instant sophistication. You might consider opening up some of your home’s windows or putting sheer curtains that let more sunlight inside instead of using artificial lighting during the daytime. Natural light has no substitute!

5.      Opt for natural materials for furniture

Wicker and rattan furniture is a great way to bring coastal charm into your home. Wicker or rattan furniture that is lightweight, inexpensive, and withstands humidity goes perfectly with the coastal theme. One of our favorite uses for rattan furniture in coastal spaces is placing it on outside patios or decks alongside coastal outdoor rugs.

The natural materials work well together and help you create a comfortable space ideal for enjoying warm weather. Coastal rug, rattan chairs, and textured lanterns will make a beautiful setting for a summer barbeque with friends and family!

6.      Decorate with natural textured accessories

Wicker baskets, driftwood sculptures, and naturally woven baskets are great options for coastal décor. By pairing your coastal rug up with natural textures, you’ll get a sleek beach vibe that will last for years without breaking your bank. For example, blue coastal rugs can be a beautiful addition to any room of your home, but they look more beautiful when you pair them with items that have similar or complementary textures.

Combining textures and colors in one space creates visual harmony and pulls together your decor. It's a simple way to make your decor feel polished and cohesive without going overboard on design details!


 7.      Enhance the look with a complementing light fixture

Use basket weave pendant lights or open cage lanterns over the coastal runner rug in the entryway, and you'll instantly have a fabulous space to welcome your guests. Plus, the cage lanterns are perfect for both indoors and out. Like coastal rugs, they also come in various colors and textures, including jute, which perfectly complements the seaside vibe.

8.      Buy quality, not quantity

Too much decoration can be overwhelming and create clutter. The best way to decorate a coastal-style home is by using fewer, high-quality items that have been handmade. A pair of ornate tables, for example, will look luxurious in a house decorated in an otherwise simple style. When it comes to coastal design, less is more!

While some homeowners focus on size or numbers (of rugs), we prefer quality over quantity. We recommend high-quality pieces instead because they’ll last longer and fit better into your style. If you want rugs with high-quality knotting and fringe, check out beautiful rugs at ALRUG for a minimal yet stunning look that's unique to your style and tastes!

9.      Use artwork to create a coastal feel

If you don't have a coastal view through your window, there's no need to feel like you can't adopt that look in your home. Keep some of your favorite artwork featuring boats, oceans, and sandcastles around, or display a framed print of your last vacation together. The style is all about feeling relaxed and having fun, and staying connected with those memories will help pull together a look that looks effortless.

That said, if you want to truly emulate an ocean-side feel, include plenty of plants that are green on top but have colored leaves underneath -- red and purple leaves will add to the vibe!

10.  Keep your theme consistent throughout the home

Decorating a room in a coastal theme isn't so much about what you put in each room. It’s more about how those elements fit with other things on display. The key is to keep your theme consistent throughout your entire home. For example, a colorful beach towel can be hung over a couch, but if that's all you have on display, your decor will end up looking disjointed and like an afterthought.

On the other hand, one common misconception of coastal decor is that it's just about using seashells and starfish items everywhere. Also, some people try to go overboard on these details, which leads to a stuffy and crowded space. So try to use limited accessories in the same theme.

Where to Place Coastal Rugs

Decorating with coastal rugs is a fun and practical way to bring coastal style into your home. Coincidentally, they’re also a perfect way to introduce waves of creativity and delight into your space. Typically, these area rugs are placed on hardwood floors in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or even bathrooms. They add color, texture, and warmth and make an aesthetically pleasing accent piece.

Adding a rug like this one is easy to warm up your home and add some interest with a few added accessories. As long as you have a solid base, you can use rugs like these in any room of your house!

The Hallway

These areas of your beach house are great spots for coastal rugs. The hallway is especially ideal because it’s often one of the main accesses for your home. That means that visitors will likely be stopping by at this spot. Also, you’ll most likely be walking in and out of it frequently as well, which means extra wear on that area. Coastal rugs can help protect hardwood floors from becoming scratched up and dull. Adding coastal-inspired plant baskets with leafy green plants will help build your theme and add freshness to your space.

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The Living Room

A rug in your living room can tie together other elements, such as furniture and decor, and serve as an anchor for conversations. We recommend placing rugs in areas where you'll spend most of your time. For example, around a coffee table or next to your favorite reading chair.

The coastal area is known for its bright colors, unique patterns, and carefree ambiance. This lifestyle translates well into rugs, so don't be afraid to experiment with colors, shapes, and textures. Decorate your living area with coastal area rugs for an instant upgrade. Make sure your beach rugs are anchored to furniture legs with felt pads underneath; otherwise, it's easy for them to slip around.


 The Bedroom

By definition, coastal-themed rooms are simple, breezy, and fun, meaning the color is usually the king. But don't let yourself be intimidated by bright colors. If you're more traditional with colors, you can use patterns as an easy way to incorporate multiple colors into a space. Coastal rugs are great for bedrooms. They serve as stylish pieces of decoration that provide your room with just enough character and make it look stunning. They also give you plenty of decorating options as many different designs, colors, patterns, and textures are available.

The Bathroom

Coastal rugs in the bathroom can soften hard floors and make your mornings more pleasant. It can also disguise scuffs and any unpleasantness underfoot and add an extra layer of warmth in cold bathrooms. Opt for thick, plush rugs that can stand up to regular use. Avoid materials that can take longer to dry after being cleaned or are susceptible to moisture damage if they get wet. Opt instead for natural fibers like wool or cotton. Wool is soft underfoot, but it takes a while to dry. However, it’s very resistant to mold and mildew damage from humidity.

Should we place coastal rugs in the kitchen?

Believe it or not, most interior designers say that you should not place rugs on your kitchen floor. Yes, yes, I know but hold on! It turns out there is one exception! If you want to soften up hardwood floors that show signs of wear and tear, then feel free to use coastal runner rugs in your kitchen. There are lots of different ways you can use them here. A runner rug would be beautiful in front of your sink or stovetop. Avoid placing large-scale coastal kitchen rugs in the kitchen as it will clog up its visual flow.

Choose from a variety of beautiful coastal rugs at ALRUG

Coastal rugs add life to your home’s décor and atmosphere. They can be used in any room and come in an extensive array of colors, patterns, and textures. Their adaptability makes it easy to complement existing décor or create a brand new look.

Remember that coastal rugs are not about just the seashells and anchors! Here, at ALRUG, we have many options for choosing a perfect coastal carpet for you. We know that, at times, coastal decor can be overwhelming and complex, but it doesn't have to be. With a little practice and inspiration from our list of tips above, styling coastal rugs can be fun. We hope you have found these tips useful.