How to Take Care of Your Ziegler Rug to Keep it Shining for Longer

Ziegler rugs are incredibly durable and can efficiently take a lot of foot traffic. However, it does not mean they can take just any amount of mistreatment and neglect. With regular care, a good, natural rug will last for generations. If you want your Ziegler rug to last you more than a few years, you’ll need to follow the proper steps to keep it in optimal condition.

Why is rug cleaning necessary?

Dust, debris, and animal hair (if you own pets) can collect on your rug over time. This buildup affects its appearance and makes it susceptible to premature wear and tear. So, it's essential to clean off loose debris at least once a week. However, if you want to keep your beautiful rug looking its best for years, it's wise to clean it professionally. A rug needs thorough cleaning after 12 to 18 months, depending upon how dirty it is. Meanwhile, follow a cleaning routine so that your rug doesn't get too messy in the first place.

How do I know if my rug is clean?

An excellent way to determine whether or not your rug is clean is by feeling it. If it's emitting a foul odor and the rug pile is sticky, the chances are that you need to clean it. A clean rug doesn’t have stains. Also, the fibers should be soft to touch and fluffy after the rug is dry.

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Valuable tips to keep your Ziegler rug in the best state

No matter what type of rug you have, there are some fundamental ways to take care of it. Regular maintenance will help keep it looking great from one generation to the next. Here are the best tips on how to take care of your Ziegler rug.

Vacuum regularly

Rugs will naturally become dirty over time, so it's essential to vacuum your rug at least once a week. You can use a standard vacuum cleaner with a special carpet attachment designed for rugs or an upright machine specializing in cleaning rugs. It's vital not to drag your vacuum on your rug as you may damage it.

Daily brushing

To keep your rugs looking as good as new, you must clean your rugs daily with a brush. Brushing will help remove dirt and debris from beneath layers of fibers and prevent the accumulation of dirt that weakens the rug fibers over time.

Occasional shaking

Just like your own hair, rugs can get oily and dirty. The best way to keep rugs clean is regular shaking and grooming. You don’t have to spend all day on it. All you have to do is grab the corners of the rug with the help of another person and shake the rug a few times. It can help release some accumulated dust, foreign objects, and pet dander lurking in your fibers.

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Spot clean stains and spills

Protect your rug from water damage by adding a protector. A spray-on or wash-in protection can help keep spills and stains at bay, prolonging your rug's life. When you clean up spills, let it air dry so that moisture doesn't seep into the fibers and cause discoloration. Moreover, ants and other bugs are attracted to even small amounts of food particles. Make sure you don’t have any residue on your rug that may attract them.

Use Mild Detergents

High-power detergents and solvents can strip the rugs from natural shine and fade away the colors. Use mild detergents and cleaning solutions if washing the rug is necessary. You can also seek advice from a cleaning service to recommend a gentle product that can lift gunk from fabric without damaging your rugs.

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Rotate your rug often

A rug's lifespan depends mainly on how it is cared for. If you need a Ziegler rug, we suggest rotating your rug often. As a rule, rotate your rug every three months to ensure that dirt and debris don't get trapped in one spot. It will prolong its life and make it easier to vacuum.

Keep rearranging furniture on rugs

Furniture legs, particularly of heavier pieces such as desks and bureaus, can cause damage to a rug if you don’t adjust their position periodically. Move your furniture from time to time so that its feet aren’t pressing into your rug for extended periods.

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Use an underlay pad to protect your rug

Not only will a rug pad add some extra padding underneath your rug, but it'll also help protect your carpet from any holes or stains. Make sure you use a non-slip rug pad under your rug to be safe. It might seem unnecessary at first, but it's an investment that will pay off in better safety and quality down the road.

Go for Professional Cleaning

If you have had a Ziegler rug for a couple of years, your priority should be getting it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner. This step will give a new life to your rug and make future cleanings easier. Find a reputable company that uses eco-friendly cleaning materials and check for certifications if possible. Once your rug is clean, follow all the care instructions to keep it in impeccable condition for longer!

Final thought

Dust, dirt, and debris are constantly being shed by your clothes, shoes, and even skin into your home or office. That's why regular vacuuming is an integral part of keeping a clean space. However, even if you keep up with frequent vacuuming, there will still be dirt that you won’t be able to reach. So, make an annual schedule of taking your Ziegler rug for professional cleaning.