Invest in the Ageless Beauty of Ziegler Rugs

Also called Chobi rugs or Peshawar rugs, Ziegler rugs are considered the epitome of beauty in the western world. The design of Ziegler rugs is inspired by Sultanabad's design. However, it comes in more subtle tones and muted colors that can fit in contemporary or traditional décor without any difficulty.

The Ziegler rug is something that many people find intriguing but do not know much about. This type of rug is special because it is completely handmade by individuals with very limited resources. So, you can expect these rugs to be unique and beautiful despite their simple design. If you want to learn more about Ziegler rugs, keep reading. This article will help you understand how they differ from other types of rugs that you can find on the market today.

Ziegler Rug History

Unlike most rugs, the Ziegler rug isn’t named after any city. These rugs are named after a German company, Ziegler & Co, based in Manchester, England. During the late 1800s, this company commissioned master weavers to create Persian-inspired rugs. They wanted to make rugs in softer designs to cater to European tastes. It gave birth to unique designs named Ziegler rugs and was made immensely popular due to their unique look and subtle shades. These rugs are now produced in other parts of the world like Iran and Pakistan. Moreover, these rugs are famous by their initial name, Ziegler rugs, even though they are not a product of Ziegler & Co.

Ziegler Rugs


What Ziegler Rugs Look like

Ziegler rugs are immediately identifiable because of their thick border framing the rug. The wide border features dense artwork. While, the inside of the frame showcases detailed floral patterns, circular designs, and curved lines. These rugs are particularly popular among US clients for their decent patterns and ability to blend in any setting.

Materials and weaving techniques

Weavers use local Ghazni or Himalayan wool to craft Ziegler rugs. The use of quality material results in durable and long-lasting rugs that can efficiently bear the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic. Normally, Ziegler rugs have a wool pile on a cotton foundation. However, weavers sometimes use silk fibers to give these rugs a hint of glossy shine.

Ziegler rugs use Persian knots and Mori knots for compact weaving. These rugs are durable and long-lasting due to the high count of knots per square inch. So, you can use Ziegler rugs in any room without fear of compromising their timeless beauty.

Colors and patterns

Vegetable dyes define the soft and subtle tones of Ziegler rugs. The artisans utilize local plants and vegetables to obtain natural pigments. It helps create organic dyes that give these rugs a hypoallergenic quality. The shades and tones created by these veggie dyes are unique to Ziegler rugs.

Ziegler rugs feature intricate designs and patterns in beige or ivory shades on darker backgrounds such as red, blue, yellow, and brown. The combination of dark and light colors creates a stunning appearance. These rugs also go through the process of stone washing. This technique involves leaving the rug in sunlight for several days. It softens the rug colors, which imparts a washed or antique look to the rug.

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What makes Ziegler rugs unique?

A few specific characteristics make Ziegler oriental rugs stand out from other rugs. The most notable is their hand-hooked construction, which produces a sturdy rug that doesn't lose shape. Compared to other Persian rugs, they are budget-friendly and have a lot of variety to choose from.

Moreover, they have a shorter pile which is thinner than typical shag rugs. It gives them a weightless feel, but they are durable enough for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms. A third distinguishing feature is their color saturation, which results in bright hues and natural depth.

Ziegler Rugs


Popular Ziegler Rug Styles

From classic Persian and Moroccan designs to modern rugs with bolder, unique patterns, many different varieties of Ziegler rugs exist. Each rug manufacturer has its methods for weaving these special rugs. Ziegler area rugs feature a soft wool pile on an unknotted cotton foundation. It creates a lightweight and flexible fabric that makes these rugs perfect for high-traffic areas like foyers and hallways.

Here are some popular Ziegler rug styles:

Mamluk Ziegler rug

Mamluk Ziegler's oriental rug features distinct designs that combine patterns from classic mamluk rugs and Zieger rugs. The result is a stunning rug with both the rugs' best features.

Ariana Ziegler rug

It is a nomadic or village-style Ziegler rug that is mostly a product of Afghanistan. It employs traditional weaving techniques from Arak Persia.

Modern Ziegler rug

Peshawar, Pakistan, skilled artisans have created this beautiful modern interpretation of antique Ziegler rugs. Usually, these modern Ziegler rugs appeal to Europeans and Westerners who want to have a combination of traditional and contemporary styles in their rugs.

Ziegler Mahal rug

These are close to the original Ziegler rugs originating from Mahallat near Arak in Iran. Ziegler Mahal rugs are highly sought-after due to their excellent craftsmanship.

Ziegler Rugs


Are Ziegler Rugs Worth it?

If you’re looking for a durable, stylish option, it is worth investing in Ziegler rugs. Unlike most other rugs, they last longer and can stand up to regular wear and tear much better than their competitors. If you have high-traffic areas in your home or business that need some new flooring, look no further than these beautiful pieces. Our wide variety of designs at ALRUG will help you create an instant update for any space.

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