The Reasons Why People Love Kashan Rugs

Kashan rugs are characterized by their mesmerizing patterns and vibrant colors. However, there’s more to this Persian rug than meets the eye. Kashan rugs are so popular because they’re stylish, elegant, and durable. Not only do they look beautiful in any room of the house, but they also don’t wear out easily. The main reason why people love Kashan rugs comes down to the materials used to make them. It’s the quality of these materials that result in top-notch durability that few other rugs can compete with.

What is Kashan rug?

Persian carpets have many styles and designs that are popular among carpet lovers. Kashan rugs are one of the finest Persian rugs and date back to the 17th century during the Safavid era. Some small Kashan silk rugs even go back to the early 16th century. Created in the ancient Persian city Kashan, these rugs feature beautiful and vibrant colors and beautiful designs. The patterns of these stunning rungs were inspired by the local architecture of that area. 

What does a Kashan rug look like?

Most Kashan rugs feature a typical medallion in the center of the rug, surrounded by classic Persian floral patterns. The dominant shades of these rugs include red, blue, purple, and ivory. Kashan Persian rugs are immediately recognizable due to their stand-out designs that are unique to these famous Persian rugs. It is interesting to see that when asked about Persian rugs, many people describe the image of a typical Kashan area rug. You can identify a Kashan rug from its deep red color with a blue border and a central medallion in ivory color.

Kashan Rugs


7 Reasons why Kashan Rugs are so desirable

Kashan Oriental rugs are one of the most popular and highest quality Persian rugs available on the market today. The name Kashan has been widely associated with high-quality Persian rugs for centuries. These timeless, handcrafted treasures continue to be highly sought after due to their unmatched durability and sophisticated design aesthetic. Here are some reasons why people love Kashan rugs so much:

1.      Vibrant Colors & Designs

Unlike many Persian rugs, where color is often an afterthought, vibrant hues are intrinsic to a great Persian classics Kashan rug. The reason is that much of their coloring comes from old-world techniques. Hand-dyed wool can be expensive, but it’s worth it. Due to their amazing designs, and intricate patterns, these rugs are highly sought after. They can also be a stunning focal point for any room, as well as add some much-needed color to otherwise dull interiors.

2.      Timeless Style

With a wide variety of shapes and patterns, you can find one that matches any aesthetic. From old-school Victorian to modern minimalism, there’s a Kashan for every style. Because of their durability and timelessness, they can make great investment pieces. Plus, those who’ve shelled out thousands for an authentic Persian rug will tell you it looks better with time. It’s no wonder these rugs have been an international staple for hundreds of years.

3.      Durable & Long-lasting

Quality Kashan rugs are typically made of sturdy wool that resists damage from day-to-day life. Whether you’re stepping on them with heavy shoes or vacuuming up spills, it’s a good idea to invest in rugs that will hold up over time. These traditional Persian carpets are built to last. It means you won’t have to deal with expensive repairs down the road.

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4.      Easy maintenance

Due to their hard-wearing properties, these rugs require very little maintenance. As soon as you vacuum them once a week, you’re good to go for many months or even years without washing them. They are also less sensitive to spills and stains better than synthetic rugs. Their heavy-duty construction and dense material make it easy to spot accidents as they happen and clean them up quickly.

5.      Versatile

Many people love to design their homes in a classic and traditional style. When they’re looking for something that fits that purpose, they turn to carpets with Persian designs from Kashan. These soft, beautiful rugs are available in all kinds of colors and textures, so you can find one that matches your decor perfectly. And these rugs don’t just look great on floors as many customers like to hang them on walls as well.

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6.      Great quality materials

Kashan rugs use high-quality materials to achieve their beautiful, intricate designs. The wool used in making these rugs is fine and silky. This makes for an exceptionally soft texture that will feel warm and inviting underfoot. However, it’s not just about how a rug feels on your toes but is also sturdy enough to stand up to wear and tear from regular use.

7.      Eco-friendly materials used

Kashan rugs use 100% wool and natural dyes. Synthetic dyes can be harmful to our environment but the traditional natural dyes have a much lower impact on our earth. Not only do they not harm nature, but they add an aesthetic quality to these rugs that aren’t present in synthetic rugs using harsh chemicals.

How do I identify my Kashan rug?

The easiest way to spot a real Kashan rug from a sea of fake ones is by analyzing its knot style from the backside of the rug. If you see an asymmetrical Senneh knot, it most probably is an authentic Kashan rug. Usually, the rest of the Persian rug style use symmetrical knot for weaving the rugs. The other characteristics to look for in the Kashan rug are the place of its origin, the quality of materials, and the unique patterns and colors of the rug that set it apart.

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Are Kashan rugs valuable?

Kashan rugs like any other Persian rug can be somewhat expensive. However, these are worth the investment as these hand-knotted rugs are in such high demand. These intricate, traditional masterpieces can take months to create. Moreover, the high count of knots per square inch makes the Kashan rug prices relatively higher. The hard work that goes into these works of art, makes it a costly process. That is the reason why these stunning rugs become family heirlooms and valuable possessions for generations.

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