Ziegler Rugs - Tips to Make Your Home the Coziest Place

Are you looking for the best quality rugs? Ziegler Rugs will help you decorate your home with affordable and top-notch quality rugs that can complement your room’s theme and budget. These stunning rugs give you the style and look you want in your room. Ziegler rugs come in both modern and classic looks. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, designs, sizes, patterns, and textures to make the rugs fit perfectly in any room of your house.

Ziegler rugs are ideal in living rooms and bedrooms, but they also make their mark in entryways and kitchens. Here are some tips on how to make your home the coziest place by adding Ziegler Rugs to your interior design plan.

Layer these stunning rugs for a great look

A bedroom should be a place of tranquility and comfort. Using Zieglar rugs in your bedroom will add a cozy, homey element that is both welcoming and relaxing. Plus, with our wide range of colors and patterns, there’s sure to be a style for everyone.

The Ziegler rugs are very durable and great for decorating. A lot of people choose to layer them up with other rugs or mats which give out a new look altogether. When you choose a rug, it is better that you make sure whether you will use it on its own or layer it on a neutral carpet. Knowing your plan of action will help you choose the perfect rug according to your requirements.

Bring variation with differently shaped rugs

Ziegler rugs are perfect for adding that extra touch of style and decoration to any room. As these rugs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so each of them can easily complement a specific area or décor. You can choose from round, oval, square, and rectangular shapes according to your decorating needs.

If you’re still not sure about which one best suits your home, it is recommended that you have a visit to ALRUG’s extensive collection. You’ll be surprised by just how easy it is to find those perfect pieces!

Ziegler Rugs


Don't over-match!

When you’re aiming for a cohesive décor, look at how each piece fits into your home’s overall design scheme. While it can be fun to mix and match pieces of the same styles or colors, don’t overdo it. Instead, look at your Ziegler rug as a stand-out piece. It should be unique and bold enough to make people pay attention. If your décor has a lot of similar patterns and shapes, your place might end up looking an eye-sore which you wouldn’t want. It should look like a home with its unique personality!

Don’t forget to decorate the less used room

It can be a hard task to decorate rooms that you barely use or that you only enter occasionally. If you want to give your home an elegant touch, then it’s highly recommended that you add a Ziegler rug in these rooms.

The dining room is one of those rooms that we rarely take time to decorate. Mostly, we use dining rooms for special occasions as most of us eat our daily meals in front of a TV or computer. However, if you’re planning on inviting guests over, it might be worth it to invest in some Ziegler rugs. They come in so many different styles that you can pretty much find something that fits any interior.

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Go for patterned Ziegler rugs in high traffic area

Because their appearance is bold, patterned rugs make a great first impression. They’re also well-suited for high-traffic areas where they won’t show wear and tear as easily. Plus, they look sophisticated in a variety of settings—even modern ones. Using a multicolor Ziegler rug in your living room or any other room where guests might spend time will create a cozy, fun, and welcoming atmosphere. Combine it with warm, solid-colored furniture and bright walls for a contemporary yet comfortable look. If you like patterns but aren’t sure what will work best in your home, browse the ALRUG gallery for some inspiration!

Consider rug’s pile height according to needs

When it comes to a cozy home, one of your best bets is a Ziegler rug in the kitchen. These durable rugs can brighten up your kitchen, while also adding instant warmth. However, depending on where you want to use your Ziegler rug, you’ll need to choose between a flat or plush rug. For example, it’s best to get a Ziegler rug with a low pile height for the kitchen. It will make cleaning a breeze as spills and crumbs can be vacuumed off more easily. On the other hand, in a living room or bedroom, a plushier rug is desirable for adding extra comfort.

Ziegler Rugs


Select contemporary and modern rugs for a chic look

Ziegler rugs can turn a dull home into an energetic and exciting place. These luxurious rugs are ideal for contemporary, modern, and transitional spaces. To top, they’re made from durable materials like wool or silk. Plus, they feature vibrant colors, sleek designs, and super soft textures.

A Ziegler rug can make the rooms look ultra-stylish. The first thing that you should do when decorating your living room is to decide what area of it you want to emphasize. You can use these rugs to decorate your favorite reading corner or the space between the couch and TV. A modern Ziegler rug is going to transform the entire look of the living space.

Select a Ziegler rug from ALRUG’s extensive collection

Selecting a rug can be overwhelming if you're not sure where to start. A good place is to search online —and what better way than by checking out ALRUG's extensive collection of rugs?!

Once you've found one or two that strike your fancy, it’s time to think about how they can fit into your space. Whether you're looking for a new dining room rug or want something unique for the den, we have lots of ideas for decorating with rugs. From hardwood floors and carpeted rooms, there are Ziegler rugs that will complement any décor. The pattern and colors in our rugs will instantly transform any space from dull to dazzling!